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Gig was a US monthly magazine published in 1977 and 1978.

Television: Symbolist Coffee Break: A Dream Date With T.V.

Interview by Wesley Strick, Gig, September 1976

IF IT CAN boast nothing more, Television bears the distinction of being Manhattan's most written-up, unrecorded band. Given the availability of press hype, you don't ...

Genesis Reborn

Interview by Chris Salewicz, Gig, May 1977

If Mick Jagger were to quit the Rolling Stones or Robert Plant were to leave Led Zeppelin, there doesn't seem to be the least possibility ...

Led Zeppelin: The Gig Interview: Jimmy Page

Interview by Chris Salewicz, Gig, May 1977

"When you've discovered your true will, you should just forge ahead like a steam train. If you put all your energies into it there's no ...

Captain Beefheart: The Number One Weirdo Comes Back To Earth

Interview by John Morthland, Gig, February 1978

ON PAPER, IT probably sounds like just another Captain Beefheart comeback. Lord knows he's had his share. Yet for his fans, it's a most welcome ...

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