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Interview is an American monthly magazine founded in 1969 by Andy Warhol. It is now also available in an online edition.

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Al Green

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, November 1972

GLENN O'BRIEN: You were a big hit at the Copa. How did you like playing there? ...

Ray Davies: The Definitive Ray Davies Interview

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, January 1973

Glenn O'Brien, with the help of Warhol Superstars Candy Darling and Tinkerbelle, talks to Kink Ray Davies ...

Mott The Hoople, New York Dolls: Mott The Hoople/New York Dolls: Felt Forum, NYC

Live Review by Michael Gross, Interview, September 1973

THE EVENING simply reeked of promise. Mott the Hoople, the Anglo glamour band of the moment, billed with New York's very own Dolls. ...

Kraftwerk: Deutsche Disko

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, 1977

KRAFTWERK is Germany's top pop group, and that's saying something because plenty of original sounds have been emanating from Deutschland since the psychedelic era. But ...

Brian Eno: Eno at the Edge of Rock

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, June 1978

BRIAN ENO was a founding member of ROXY MUSIC, the English band that more or less founded the Fine Art-Fashion-Rock and Roll fusion that continues ...

Bob Marley & the Wailers: Bob Marley: So Much Things to Say

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, July 1978

BOB MARLEY, one of the original members of the group, The Wailers, founded the group 13 years ago along with Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingston ...

The B-52s: The B-52's: Beehives Not Bombers

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, February 1979

THE B-52'S is a rock and roll band from Athens, Georgia, that often plays in New York City. They recently wowed large audiences at the ...

Blondie: Deborah Harry: Platinum Blondie

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, June 1979

DEBORAH HARRY is the singer in a band called BLONDIE. In recent weeks one of their songs, 'HEART OF GLASS' has been the number one ...

Marianne Faithfull Speaks Broken English with Glenn O'Brien

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, February 1980

MARIANNE FAITHFULL hasn't had a hit record since 'As Tears Go By' in 1966. That song, written for her by Jag­ger and Richards, instantly trans­formed a ...

Chic: Take It Off

Review by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, February 1982

IT'S BEEN ABOUT a year since the last CHIC album. Since then, half of the dance bag bands, in the world have come to resemble ...

Tom Waits

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, May 1984

TOM WAITS writes great songs and sings them with greatness. He made his first album ten years ago. It was called Clos­ing Time; he has been ...

Tav Falco's Panther Burns: Deep in the Blues: Tav Falco and Panther Burns

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, 1988

Tav Falco is a bluesman from Memphis. He might look like Charlie Chaplin, but inside he feels just like T-Bone Walker. He might have ethnomusicologist ...

The Red Hot Chili Peppers: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, 1988


Iggy Pop

Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, April 1990

IGGY POP is the greatest. He was metal before metal. He was punk before punk, he was and is poetry in motion. He's a wild ...


Interview by Glenn O'Brien, Interview, June 1990

I INTERVIEWED Madonna at the Disney Studios, of all places, where she was rehearsing her Blond Ambition tour. It's not really so odd that she ...

John Lydon

Interview by Steven Daly, Interview, January 1991

RESPLENDENT IN a California combo of fluorescent shorts and suntan, and crowned by a thatch of blond hair, the former Johnny Rotten answers the door ...

Ray Charles: Rapping with Ray Charles

Interview by Robert Gordon, Interview, 1992

IN THE 1950s, Frank Sinatra tagged Ray Charles "Genius," an appropriate nickname for one of American music's most innovative figures. Charles brought a sophistication to ...

Björk: The Always Uncjorked Björk

Interview by Jon Savage, Interview, June 1995

POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHS in a studio high above Covent Garden, Björk is exactly like her image – a little taller, perhaps, but everything else is ...

Jennifer Lopez, Selena: Jennifer Lopez on Selena

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Interview, April 1997

In the new movie Selena, Jennifer Lopez had the coveted - yet unenviable - task of playing the most adored Latina singer ever, the late ...

Suede: Brett Anderson interviewed

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, Interview, May 1997

WHEN, NEARLY three years ago, Bernard Butler walked out of Suede - or the London Suede, as they are unhappily obliged to call themselves in ...

Bob Dylan: Preemptive Obituaries

Comment by Greil Marcus, Interview, August 1997

I WAS IN England in late May, trying to get people to read a book about Bob Dylan's 1967 basement tapes recordings, when the story ...

Iggy Pop: Message From Under The Rock

Interview by Edward Helmore, Interview, September 1999

IGGY POP could have become a sacred rock dinosaur, giving benedictions and receiving ring-kisses on the nostalgia circuit. Instead, he's still rattling the cage and ...

Erykah Badu: An interview

Interview by Evelyn McDonnell, Interview, 26 November 2008

IT'S BEEN MORE THAN A DECADE since a songstress from Dallas with her hair wrapped in a Nefertiti scarf first unleashed her boho soul upon ...

Marianne Faithfull

Interview by Evelyn McDonnell, Interview, April 2009

TALKING TO MariaTALKING TO Marianne Faithfull over the day's first coffee is a bit like waking up for cocktails. She's alert and energetic, but chicly ...

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