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OffBeat is a monthly music magazine in New Orleans, Louisiana first published in 1988. It mainly focuses on the music scene of New Orleans and Louisiana, the region's culture and its cuisine.

5 articles

Jon Savage: Cool and the Crazy

Interview by Richard North, Offbeat, November 1988

Richard North tackles post-punk pessimist, writer, dreamer and rebel without a cause – Jon Savage ...

Psychic TV: TV Times

Interview by Richard North, Offbeat, December 1988

Psychic TV have flirted with religious and anti – religious imagery through their growth time, they set up the Temple Of Psychick Youth and, more ...

Johnny Thunders: An American In Sweden

Report and Interview by Richard North, Offbeat, April 1989

SO, WHY did I wait around half a day for a three-minute interview with Johnny Thunders? ...

Dr. John Comes Clean: Kicking Dope & Taking Names

Interview by John Sinclair, Offbeat, 1994

John Sinclair: First things first: everybody wants to know who did your hair for the record cover of Television? ...

Charles Bradley is off Script at Jazz Fest

Report and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Offbeat, 1 May 2014

ON THE FIRST Saturday of Jazz Fest 2013, Charles Bradley strode out on the Blues Tent stage as if he weren't 65 years old but ...

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