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Playdate was a New Zealand entertainment magazine published from 1960 until 1972. 

3 articles

Julie Felix: One Small Miss Felix

Profile and Interview by Tom McWilliams, Playdate, May 1970

A STRANGER NAMED Julie Felix confesses, "I hide behind my guitar". With no guitar to hide behind she meets the press. Hides behind the questions? ...

Jerry Lee Lewis: Town Hall, Auckland NZ

Live Review by Tom McWilliams, Playdate, December 1970

"NEVER LET it be said that Jerry Lee didn't do his part o' the show..." ...

The Carter Family, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Carl Perkins: Cash

Report and Interview by Tom McWilliams, Playdate, May 1971

TALL, BROAD shouldered — Johnny Cash is a big man, bulky with a dignity weightier than his 39 years. Behind his black shirt front the ...

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