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Rock Scene was published quarterly from Bethany, Connecticut between 1973 and 1982.

10 articles

Marc Bolan, T. Rex: Marc Bolan: Past, Present, and Future

Interview by Alan Betrock, Rock Scene, March 1975

IT'S A WEEKDAY night in New Jersey and there's another school day to face tomorrow. Yet the Joint in the Woods is packed to the ...

X: The Misunderstood X

Profile and Interview by Mark Dery, Rock Scene, September 1986

"It's like if you're an artist and they say, 'I'm sorry but you can't have your paintings displayed in public anymore.' The radio's really awful, ...

Cheap & Nasty: Exclusive: Beyond Hanoi Rocks! Cheap & Nasty (Suicide)

Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, 6 December 1989

EVER THE one to keep my ear to the ground in search of the new and hot happening thing, I was more than fucking happy ...

Mr. Big (US): Mr. Big: The Name Says It All

Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, January 1990

MR. BIG... What's in a name, huh? Well, if you've got some of the best name in the biz, then plenty. ...

Princess Pang: Beauty Meets The Beast, Rock & Roll And Conquers!

Profile and Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, 1 January 1990

I GUESS THAT this is what you would call a true story of friendship and ambition. The scenario is a group of kids in their ...

Billy Squier: Discussing Hear & Now with Billy Squier

Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, March 1990

RUSHING INTO the Capitol record offices in New York, I was more than a little nervous about doing this interview. That is making a major ...

Yngwie Malmsteen: Madness, Mishaps, Music, Miami, And Malmsteen

Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, 3 April 1990

THERE HAVE been many things written about the Swedish wunderkind guitarist since he burst upon the heavy rock scene in the early '80s. ...

Mother Love Bone's Andrew Wood

Report by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, May 1990

THIS COLUMN is begun in an extremely serious and somber mood, as the wings of the great black naughty nightbird death have come beating and ...

Dan Reed Network and The Theory Of The World

Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, 4 May 1990

MY FIRST exposure to the Dan Reed Network was a memorable one. Although I had heard the debut record and thought it a good shot ...

Diving For Pearls: Treading Water With Diving For Pearls

Interview by Christine Natanael, Rock Scene, June 1990

STRAIGHT-FORWARD pop rock – the stuff of summer fun, driving with the top down, and hot sticky summer nights when you're in a strange town ...

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