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Launched in 1992, Scram is an American magazine published irregularly, and "dedicated to rooting out the cashews in the bridge mix of unpopular culture". It chronicles "the neglected, the odd, the nifty and the nuts."

Tony Bruno: Beguiled By Bruno – My Great-Lost-Album Trip

Retrospective and Interview by Gene Sculatti, Scram, 1998

IT'S LONELY out here.Apart from the people who recorded it, I've never met anyone who's ever really known about this unusual album, first released 30 ...

Mojo Navigator: Memories of Mojo

Retrospective by Gene Sculatti, Scram, 2000

SAN FRANCISCO, 1966. This was a long time ago. The Grateful Dead swung hard, fast and scary, and Peter Albin's demented LSD-preacher stalked stages as ...

Bob Dylan: Next Dylans

Overview by Gene Sculatti, Scram, 2000

The All-Time Top 10 'Next Dylans': Monkee, Punkers, Bubblegum King: They Wished That For Just One Time They Could Stand Inside His Shoes ...

The Beach Boys, The Byrds: Gary Usher

Interview by Gene Sculatti, Scram, 2002

Gary Usher In Conversation With Gene Sculatti January 1971 ...

MOR's Adventures in the Lands of Pop and Rock

Overview by Gene Sculatti, Scram, 2005

STAN CORNYN'S liner notes to Buddy's in a Brand New Bag, middle-of-the-road singer Buddy Greco's 1967 LP, tell it all: "Now the hip Mr. Greco ...

Yesterday Once More: Digging the Fifties Revival in the 1970s

Retrospective by Gene Sculatti, Scram, 2006

ANY GOOD STUDENT of pop-music history knows what happened in the 1970s: The broken bricks from the aesthetic street-fights of the '60s were scooped up ...

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