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Peter Skellern: Stardust and Coaldust: The melancholy magnificence of Peter Skellern

Retrospective by Tim Footman, Tangents, 2001

FOR VARIOUS REASONS I've been thinking about brass bands lately. Maybe it's a spin-off from my (by now doubtless wearying) fanboy crush on Hiroo Nakazaki's ...

Pete Wylie: God's Busker (I Wish You'd Believe Me)

Retrospective by Tim Footman, Tangents, 2002

It's sinful.... ...

Mogwai, Primal Scream, The Shop Assistants, The Wedding Present: 96 Tears

Retrospective by Tim Footman, Tangents, December 2002

I FELT A RUSH of nostalgically bad haircuts and Proustian army surplus anoraks while reading Alistair [Flitchett]'s consideration of C86. Nostalgia also for the days ...

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