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UCLA Daily Bruin

UCLA Daily Bruin

First published in 1919, The UCLA Daily Bruin is the student newspaper at the University of California, Los Angeles.

11 articles

Sunnyland Slim, Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band: Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band

Profile by uncredited writer, UCLA Daily Bruin, 24 October 1968

THE WATTS 103rd St. Rhythm Band and Sunnyland Slim finish up an entertaining run at the Ash Grove in West Hollywood this weekend. ...

The Alan Bown Set, The Chambers Brothers: Rock Records! Alan Bown and Chambers Brothers

Review by John Mendelssohn, UCLA Daily Bruin, 27 November 1968

ENGLAND, NEEDLESS to say, has given us some incredible rock groups: The Beatles and Stones, The Who and The Kinks and The Yardbirds, Cream, Traffic, ...

The Who: Change and Creation

Essay by Richard Cromelin, UCLA Daily Bruin, 29 January 1969

IT'S GETTING toward the end. It's building and building and building. The intensity he is projecting is communicated to the whole crowd. He is not ...

The Bee Gees: Cucumber Castle (Atco SD 33-327)

Review by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, 11 May 1970

THE NEW Bee Gees' album, Cucumber Castle (Atco SD 33-327), offers an interesting collection of the familiar string embellished ballads we've come to expect from ...

The Guess Who: Guess Who: They Don't Know What We Look Like

Interview by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, 30 April 1971

"Rolling Stone is a biased paper.""They're full of shit.""Erroneous information." ...

Emitt Rhodes: Mirror (Dunhill)

Review and Interview by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, 4 November 1971

FEBRUARY 9th was the day of the famous Los Angeles earthquake. After it was over, the damage totaled $300 million. For me the loss was ...

Procol Harum: On The Road with Procol Harum

Interview by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, 11 November 1971

"DIABOLICAL," KEITH REID whispered, resting in a chair at a San Diego nightclub that someone described as looking like a reconverted bowling alley. He was ...

Herman's Hermits: Miss Brown, You've Got A Lovely Mother

Profile by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, 6 January 1972

I HAVE ENOUGH TROUBLE explaining my affection for the Kinks and Small Faces to my super-heavy Santana/Led Zeppelin affected friends without having to explain my ...

Black Sabbath: The Wit & Wisdom of Ozzy Osbourne or For the Best Coke Call Black Sabbath

Report and Interview by Harold Bronson, UCLA Daily Bruin, 30 June 1972

"FOR THE BEST COKE, just ring three-eight-nine-oh-nine-eight, only one hundred dollars!" exclaimed a very stoned Ozzy Osbourne as he grinned stupidly from behind a microphone ...

Long John Baldry Meets Mad Mark Leviton

Interview by Mark Leviton, UCLA Daily Bruin, 10 August 1972

WHEN I ARRIVED at the hotel for an interview with Long John Baldry during his most recent swing through Southern California, I half expected to ...

Merry-Go-Round, Emitt Rhodes: Emitt Rhodes: On And Off The Merry-Go-Round

Retrospective by Mark Leviton, UCLA Daily Bruin, 7 November 1973

MY FIRST MEMORY of Emitt Rhodes is still very vivid — he was on the television program Where the Action Is as a part of the group ...

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