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Beatles, The: Ringo Starr auctions off the first copy of The Beatles' White Album: The story of a revolutionary record

Report by Peter Silverton, Independent, The, 1 December 2015

The mythology surrounding the White Album takes in warring Beatles, Charles Manson and installation art. What's even weirder is that Starr ended up with the ...

The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

Review by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, 30 November 1968

WITH OVER a million quid already in the coffers for this latest two-LP set handed down from the Liverpudlian heights, it is difficult to put ...

Beatles, The: The Beatles: The Beatles (The White Album)

Review by Alan Smith, NME, 30 November 1968


The Beatles: The Beatles [The White Album] (Apple)

Review by Mike Jahn, New York Times, 21 November 1968

TOMORROW THE BEATLES will release their first album in a year, titled simply The Beatles. ...

The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album)

Review by Miles, International Times, 29 November 1968

WELL, THE new Beatle album's here with 30 catchy little numbers for you to whistle on your way to work, glide around the Mecca to, ...

Beatles, The: The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

Review by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 9 November 1968


Beatles, The: The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

Review by uncredited writer, Record Mirror, 16 November 1968

THE BEATLES ALBUM TRACKS IN DEPTH strange vibrations from John... ...

Beatles, The: Album of the Month — The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

Review by Alan Walsh, Melody Maker, 14 December 1968

'Back In The USSR', 'Dear Prudence', 'Glass Onion', Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da', 'Wild Honey Pie', 'The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill', 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', 'Happiness ...

The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple PCS 7067 & 8)

Review by David Griffiths, Record Mirror, 4 January 1969

LAST YEAR'S obvious standout LP was Sergeant Pepper and now we have its unbelievable, impossible, out-of-sight successor. It's no feat of critical perception to pick ...

Beatles, The: Back with the real Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, Guardian, The, 19 November 1968

The Beatles' new album is about to be released. This is the first of two articles on what is likely to be the biggest event ...

Beatles, The: Back to Spring: The Beatles: The Beatles (White Album) (Apple)

Review by Geoffrey Cannon, Guardian, The, 26 November 1968

"EARTH, WATER, fire, and air met together in a garden fair," chants Robin Williamson, of the Incredible String Band, in 'Koeeoaadi There'. And if the ...

John Martyn: Fire and Water: The Elemental, Avant-Garde John Martyn

Comment by Dave Laing, Let It Rock, 1 December 1973

1967: "SO THERE I WAS on this barge on the river wearing nothing but denims and a smile…" so runs the sleeve note on London ...

The Who: Who's Next

Review by Dave Marsh, Creem, October 1971

WHO'S NEXT IS TO the Who what the White Album must've been to the Beatles. After Tommy, which was a concept-rock summit, not, as commonly ...

The Beatles: Let It Be (Apple)

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, 11 June 1970

TO THOSE WHO found their work since the White Album as emotionally vapid as it was technically breathtaking, the news that the Beatles were about ...

Average White Band: The Average White Band: Benny & Us/Warmer Communications

Sleevenotes by Daryl Easlea, (Columbia Records), 2005

Comprising the considerable talents of guitarists, bassists and vocalists Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart and Onnie McIntyre; the Dundee Horns themselves, Malcolm "Molly" Duncan and Roger ...

Nick Drake: Exiled From Heaven

Retrospective by Ian MacDonald, MOJO, January 2000

DURING THE ACADEMIC year of 1968-9, Cambridge University felt an alien influence from beyond its ancient facade of curtain walls and quiet quadrangles. Sober flag-stones ...

Flying Burrito Brothers: The Flying Burrito Brothers: Live In Amsterdam

Review by Mick Houghton, Let It Rock, June 1973

THE FIRST double album in rock that I remember was Blonde On Blonde, and to this day it is one of the few which really ...

Badfinger: No Dice

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, Creem, March 1971

IF YOU PRIDE yourself on being a member of the generation that battles hypocrisy, shuns prejudices and easy labels, and fights to the death to ...

Jackie Lomax: Is This What You Want?

Review and Interview by Terry Staunton, Record Collector, July 2004

LIVERPOOL singer-songwriter Lomax never enjoyed the widespread acclaim of his Apple contemporaries (Badfinger, Mary Hopkin, and, eventually, James Taylor), but the wealth of big names ...

Squeeze: Play

Review by Max Bell, Vox, September 1991

TEN YEARS AGO Squeeze released East Side Story, an album of obvious class and as English as the 'Go To Work On An Egg' slogan. ...

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