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Prince: The Making of Purple Rain

Retrospective and Interview by Bill DeMain, Classic Rock, 8 October 2014

How the self-contained, reclusive genius learned to play nice with others, how to rock and in the process found his world-conquering groove. ...

Singing The Body Electric

Overview by Mark Sinker, Wire, The, September 1995

The story of the first electronic instruments is as twisted and circuitous as their primitive, labyrinthine wiring. Mark Sinker goes in search of these often ...

Stuff et al: The 'Citteh'

Report and Interview by Davitt Sigerson, Black Music, October 1976

Davitt Sigerson investigates New York's soul music underground ...

Cry Me A River! The 100 Most Heartbreaking Records of All Time… (50-1)

Guide by Various Writers, Rock's Backpages, December 2001

Last week we gave you the first 50 of our all-time gut-wrenching love songs. This week we complete a ton of tearjerkers with our Top ...

Like A Hurricane: The 100 Most Intense Records Ever Made

Guide by Various Writers, Rock's Backpages, March 2001

One way or another, all music is about emotion, even when it’s about lack of emotion. But some records reach the parts others never can, ...

Hold Your Head Up: In Praise of Bi-Level Rock!

Comment by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, February 2003

Barney Hoskyns, co-author of The Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods, hails Mullet Rocks!, a new compilation of bodacious bi-level hard rockers. Below we feature cool ...

Patti Smith: Behind The Wall Of Sleep

Report and Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 25 March 1978

"Their quarters were filled with counterfeit sleep" – Stephen King, The Shining ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Still In A Grand Funk: How The Boys From Flint Exploded, Imploded & Still Haven't Patched Things Up

Retrospective and Interview by Fred Mills, Detroit Metro Times, 14 August 2002

IT'S A SUNNY spring morning in the Motor City but the wind whipping across the Detroit River makes it feel a lot more like winter. ...

Jerry Butler: The Iceman Talking: The Life And Times Of Jerry Butler

Interview by Norman Jopling, Cream, June 1973

BUTLER'S MUSIC Workshop is upstairs in a tatty warehouse building in Chicago's South Side, very near Chinatown and uncomfortably near Lake Michigan so it gets ...

Patti Smith: The Patti Smith Group

Interview by Andy Schwartz, New York Rocker, June 1979

A WAS LOST. He pulled the Toyota over to the curb, parked, and flicked on the overhead light to check his road map. Should he ...

Amboy Dukes, The, Cannibal & The Headhunters, Chocolate Watch Band, The, Bobby Fuller Four, The , Good Rats, The, Remains, The, Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, Seeds, The, Shadows Of Knight, The, Standells, The, 13th Floor Elevators, ? and the Mysterians, Knickerbockers, The, Electric Prunes, The: The A-Z of Punk

Overview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 17 July 1976

THE ORIGINAL idea behind this A-Z was to try and provide a guide to 'punk' as it's now generally understood, i.e. as much a question ...

Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor: Trent Reznor: Sympathy for the Devil

Interview by Eric Weisbard, Spin, February 1996


Television: TV Times

Interview by Caroline Coon, Melody Maker, 7 May 1977

Television's Tom Verlaine talks to Caroline Coon in Houston ...

Devo: Where the Rubber met the Road

Report by Byron Coley, New York Rocker, January 1979

"Louis bided his time, isolating Spain diplomatically, and acquainting his fellow rulers with the term devolution." — Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. VI, p. 1093 ...

New York Dolls: Make-up America!

Retrospective and Interview by Kris Needs, MOJO, June 2006

In 1971 Manhattan, five teenage toughs in make-up, tried to kick-start the punk revolution. By 1976 the New York Dolls seemed finished, poleaxed by drugs, ...

Best of the Noughties: RBP Writers' Top Twenties, 2000-2009

Special Feature by Various Writers, Rock's Backpages, December 2009

NOTE: Some of these lists are ordered but many writers opted simply to provide lists in either alphabetical or no particular order. Some couldn't think ...

Patti Smith: The Rebel: Patti Smith

Interview by Ben Edmonds, MOJO, August 1996

To R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, she is "one of the premier artists of my lifetime – I’ve blindly stolen from her for years." To Bob Dylan, ...

Skinny Tie Heaven! The RBP Power Pop Top 100

Guide by William Higham, Rock's Backpages, August 2001

Chiming and choogling, winsomely pretty and archly melodic, freshfaced and faux-naif... yep, it's that formidable sub-genre POWER POP, a blissful marriage of melody and energy ...

David Bowie: A Candid Conversation with David Bowie

Interview by Cameron Crowe, Playboy, September 1976

HE WAS ONCE a scruffy, honey-haired folk singer. Then an adamantly bisexual balladeer. Then a spacey, cropped-red-haired androgynous guitarist backed by a band called the ...

Robert Pollard's Art of Confusion

Interview by Fred Mills, Harp, January 2006

IN MID-2004 Robert Pollard announced he'd be shutting down his band of 21 years, Guided By Voices, following the release of the group's fifteenth full-length, ...

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