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Johnny Thunders, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, New York Dolls: The First Punk: Johnny Thunders

Retrospective by Nina Antonia, MOJO, March 2005

FOR THE GENERATION of kids who became punks, the New York Dolls' appearance on The Old Grey Whistle Test in November 1973 was an epiphany. ...

Hunter-Ronson, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson: Hunter-Ronson: The Ashes Of Mott Comes The Phoenix Rise

Report and Interview by Ken Barnes, Phonograph Record, June 1975

"SINCE YOU'VE BEEN such a quiet, well-behaved audience tonight, we'd like to send you off a nice, soothing lullaby..." ...

Patti Smith: Making Waves

Profile and Interview by Sean O'Hagan, Observer, The, 15 June 2003

THERE ARE TEARS in Patti Smith's eyes. She is midway through a performance that has been, by turns, sombre and joyous, intense and ecstatic, when ...

Blondie, David Johansen, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, The Ramones, The Shirts, Talking Heads, Television, Tuff Darts: New York: The Sound Of '75

Report by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 8 November 1975

"BEAT ON the brat, beat on the brat, beat on the brat with a baseball bat..." ...

Helen Reddy, Kim Fowley: Sandy Robertson's Hollywood Confidential

Report by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 1 September 1979

"On my first visit to Los Angeles I was conventionally prepared for almost anything except for what it really looked like – a quite beautiful ...

Nirvana: The Boys Are Back In Town

Interview by Dave Thompson, Alternative Press, October 1993

Go ahead. Hate this band, it's the cool thing to do. The punk rockers hate them because they've "sold out"; the mainstream hates them because ...

Undisputed Heavyweight Champions of the Mix Tape: 30 Years of Transatlantic Friendship on Cassette!

Memoir by Mark Leviton, Rock's Backpages, August 2009

MY ENGLISH FRIEND Neil and I have one of the longest, strangest, and most voluminous correspondences in the history of the world – a correspondence ...

Laura Nyro: Dark Angel: The Stone Soul Genius of Laura Nyro

Retrospective by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, September 2009

I keep hearin' daddy through his grave:"Little girl, of all the daughters,You were born a woman,Not a slave."('The Confession', 1968) ...

The Rolling Stones

Profile by Kris DiLorenzo, Grooves, January 1979

FOR THE past fifteen years the Rolling Stones have been known as the "world's greatest rock and roll band." That's why it's hard for most ...

Grand Funk Railroad: Get The Funk Out

Retrospective and Interview by Pete Makowski, Classic Rock, October 2005

WHO THE hell are Grand Funk Railroad? More to the point, why should we even care who they are? These are pertinent questions for any ...

Nils Lofgren: Rock 'n' Roll's Great Lost Hero

Interview by Paul Morley, NME, 15 September 1979

ONE: FINGERNAILSNILS LOFGREN is a small man with a lovely face. One chocolate brown eye is smaller, almost lazier, than the other; this gives his ...

Alice Cooper: American Excess

Interview by Mark Paytress, MOJO, December 2005

Leading a band of blood-thirsty long-haired crazies, Alice Cooper ruled '70s rock'n'roll, surviving hangings and electrocution, before booze, madness and global fame destroyed the beast. ...

Prince: The Special One: The Return of Prince

Profile by Barney Hoskyns, Observer Music Monthly, February 2006

This is a previously unpublished version of a cover story for the Observer Music Monthly. ...

Frankie Goes to Hollywood: Frankie Says Come Again

Retrospective by Max Bell, Uncut, July 2004

The T-shirts. The gay sex imagery. That BBC ban for 'Relax'. Nine weeks at No. 1 with 'Two Tribes'. For one amazing year — 1984 ...

Git Down!! The 50 Funkiest Records Ever Made!!

Guide by Various Writers, Rock's Backpages, June 2001

ONCE UPON a time there was Funk. THE Funk. The Rhythm of the One. Now it's all four-on-the-floor hard-house and techy trance, dance-muzik devoid of ...

Stuff et al: The 'Citteh'

Report and Interview by Davitt Sigerson, Black Music, October 1976

Davitt Sigerson investigates New York's soul music underground ...

Prince: The Making of Purple Rain

Retrospective and Interview by Bill DeMain, Classic Rock, 8 October 2014

How the self-contained, reclusive genius learned to play nice with others, how to rock and in the process found his world-conquering groove. ...

Singing The Body Electric

Overview by Mark Sinker, Wire, The, September 1995

The story of the first electronic instruments is as twisted and circuitous as their primitive, labyrinthine wiring. Mark Sinker goes in search of these often ...

Cry Me A River! The 100 Most Heartbreaking Records of All Time… (50-1)

Guide by Various Writers, Rock's Backpages, December 2001

Last week we gave you the first 50 of our all-time gut-wrenching love songs. This week we complete a ton of tearjerkers with our Top ...

Like A Hurricane: The 100 Most Intense Records Ever Made

Guide by Various Writers, Rock's Backpages, March 2001

One way or another, all music is about emotion, even when it’s about lack of emotion. But some records reach the parts others never can, ...

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