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The Raconteurs

Interview by Jenny Valentish, Inpress, May 2006

WE'RE AT ONE of those post-modern hotels you could only find in the most pretentious corner of London, with perplexing paintings and an oval lounge ...

Meat Loaf: Rock 'N' Roll In Gothic Panavision

Interview by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 1 April 1978

Meat Loaf are… "the best visionary, over-the-top hard rock band since Blue Oyster Cult," gasps Sandy Robertson ...

Ben Folds Five: The Men From U.N.C.O.O.L.

Interview by Paul Lester, Melody Maker, 20 June 1996

BEN FOLDS FIVE are on a mission (impossible) to make Seventies radio pop so hip it hurts ...

Badfinger: Straight Up

Review by Metal Mike Saunders, Rolling Stone, 20 January 1972

STRAIGHT UP is a big disappointment coming after Badfinger's previous superb album, No Dice. I remember reading a quote by drummer Mike Gibbons saying that ...

Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell II

Review by Mark Cooper, MOJO, November 1993

ACCORDING TO MOST rock histories the late '70s were defined by punk rock and the Sex Pistols. Commercially speaking, however, the awful truth is that ...

Hello People: The Handsome Devils

Review by John Mendelsohn, Phonograph Record, February 1975

I'M FAR FROM entirely convinced that I would trade everything I own to be in Hello People's shoes, or greasepaint, for it seems the sorry ...

Let's Active: Cypress

Review by Roy Trakin, Creem, January 1985

THE REGIONALIZATION of American pop continues apace, and it's about time we turned the beat around on our Brit cousins, right? ...

Ry Cooder: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Gavin Martin, NME, 12 June 1982

RY COODER spent the '70s with his shoulder to the grindstone and his heart in the right place delivering a series of albums which spanned ...

Jesse Winchester: Learn To Love It

Review by Max Bell, NME, 15 May 1976

THIS IS BOTH Jesse Winchester's third album and his third good album. ...

New York Dolls: The New York Dolls: The New York Dolls (Mercury Import)

Review by Nick Kent, NME, 25 August 1973

THE NEW YORK Dolls are trash, they play rock 'n' roll like sluts and they've just released a record that can proudly stand beside Iggy ...

June & The Exit Wounds: A Little More Haven Hamilton, Please

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, April 2000

DEBUT ALBUM of so-normal-it's-strange pop-rock from latest American boy wonder. ...

Ashley Park

Review by Rob Hughes, Uncut, December 2001

CLASSIC WEST coast sounds direct from Vancouver. ...

Black Sabbath: Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath (Warner Bros.)

Review by Wayne Robins, Creem, April 1974

THE QUESTION, Sabs, is where you been so long? So highly irresponsible was their disappearing act over a year ago that heavy metal almost vanished ...

Linda Ronstadt: Living In The U.S.A.

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 7 October 1978

HI AGAIN. It's only me and this is only another Linda Ronstadt review. The words 'rock and roll' are used in the ads for this ...

Badfinger: Ass (Apple); For Love Or Money (Warner Bros.)

Review by Jon Tiven, Zoo World, 11 April 1974

BADFINGER SEEMED, at one time, to be the hope of the future for those who relished the past efforts of The Beatles. ...

Adam Cohen, Rufus Wainwright: Rufus Wainwright: Rufus Wainwright; Adam Cohen: Adam Cohen

Review by Chris Roberts, Uncut, September 1998

Impressive, capricious debuts from two sons of Sixties troubadours ...

New York Dolls: The New York Dolls: Too Much Too Soon (Mercury)

Review by Nick Kent, NME, 27 April 1974

Sloppy seconds ...

Paul Rodgers: Cut Loose

Review by Jeffrey Morgan, Creem, March 1984

Y'GOTTA WATCH out for these guys who insist on releasing debut solo albums on which they've played all the instruments; they're everywhere. ...

The Brecker Brothers: Everythin's All White

Profile by Roger St. Pierre, NME, 23 August 1975


Commander Cody, Led Zeppelin, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Todd Rundgren: Ghosts Of Progressive Rock Past: Led Zeppelin et al at Knebworth

Report by Paul Morley, NME, 11 August 1979

EVENTS LIKE KNEBWORTH, the promoter Freddy Bannister had wanly predicted in Saturday's Guardian, cannot continue for much longer. The reasons for the inevitable decline and ...

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