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Todd Rundgren

Badfinger At The Crossroads

Profile and Interview by Mark Leviton, Phonograph Record, May 1972

ONE WOULD THINK that a group as successful as Badfinger, a group with their momentum (three top-selling singles, one LP million seller, association with Bangla ...

Todd Rundgren

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental, November 1972

There are some parts of New York City that nice people just don't walk around. The East Village, for instance, is one of them. It's ...

Sparks: Food First, Music Second

Profile and Interview by Andrew Tyler, Disc, 25 November 1972

"Too many groups we know are into music." ...

The Nazz, Todd Rundgren: The Inauguration of Todd Rundgren

Profile and Interview by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, March 1973

NOO YAWK, NU YORK — Beneath the red fluorescence of Max's Kansas City, where the boys wear lipstick and the girls have nails, Alice Cooper, ...

New York Dolls: The New York Dolls: An Insider's View

Profile and Interview by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, October 1973

THE NEW YORK DOLLS are going to prove to be the ultimate rock critics' band, because, along with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, and ...

New York Dolls Greatest Hits Volume 1

Profile and Interview by Ben Edmonds, Creem, October 1973

(They're not a fag band. -Ed.) ...

Grand Funk Railroad: 'I Know You'll Get To Like It If You Give It A Chance Now'

Profile and Interview by Greg Shaw, Phonograph Record, 1 April 1974

A BRISK, ICY WIND was blowing through the overcast skies of Flint, Michigan as the members of Grand Funk Railroad arrived at Whiting Auditorium for ...

Foghat's Rock And Roll Outlaws' Highjacks The Big Time

Profile and Interview by Michael Gross, Circus, December 1974

For years they've ridden through the badlands of a press blackout, but with an endurance as tough as their extended jams, the British road crew ...

Sparks: Instant Darlings

Profile and Interview by Richard Cromelin, Rolling Stone, 30 January 1975

LOS ANGELES – It was several months ago in London that the disc jockey on Capitol Radio, BBC's commercial rival, was revealing the results of ...

Patti Smith: Part Woman, Part Black, Part Genius, Part Idiot...

Profile and Interview by Mick Brown, Sounds, 26 April 1975

PATTI SMITH might have been a star last year, but the top side of her first single seemed to have the word 'piss' in every ...

Todd Rundgren: Veg-o-Matic Into the Void

Profile and Interview by Robert Duncan, Creem, October 1975

I WOULD MUCH prefer Todd Rundgren had a squirrelly girlfriend – you know, one of those emaciated things that is always curled up cross-legged with ...

Roogalator: A More Satisfying Musical Climax With... ROOGALATOR

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, NME, 20 December 1975

NICK KENT feels the hot breath of London's hottest new band brush his ear, and appraises the fine and diverse arts of Roogalation. ...

Great Speckled Bird: The Great Speckled Bird Flies Alone

Profile and Interview by Jerry Gilbert, Sounds, 24 January 1976

THE GREAT Speckled Bird, Canada's most underrated and misjudged supergroup, lives. The original band with Amos Garrett, Buddy Cage and so on have long gone ...

Luther Vandross: Luther Are Good For The Soul

Profile and Interview by David Nathan, Blues & Soul, June 1976

2008 introduction: "Luther are three girls and two guys whose debut single for Cotillion is attracting a lot of attention. They are not headliners yet, ...

Jesse Winchester

Profile and Interview by John Tobler, NME, 5 June 1976

CERTAIN QUALITIES seem to be needed for a musician to become a hero to the man in the street who buys a lot of records ...

Jesse Winchester: Exile on Main Street

Profile and Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 5 June 1976

Giovanni Dadomo releases his frustrations to tell you all about Jesse Winchester ...

Hall & Oates: Hall and Oates: A Bigger Splash

Profile and Interview by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 27 November 1976

JOHN OATES: 'I find the audiences in Europe more intelligent and receptive – music in Europe and England still retains its mystique and excitement.' ...

Gong, Steve Hillage: Steve Hillage....Electric Gipsy

Profile and Interview by Andy Childs, ZigZag, February 1977

AS I RECALL, it was the "livin' jukebox" himself, Andy Dunkley, who first assailed my ears with Steve Hillage's album Fish Rising. ...

Cheap Trick: Smart, Sleek and Debonair

Profile and Interview by Ira Robbins, Trouser Press, February 1978

AMERICA'S A FUNNY place for rock music. Just when you assume that the well of talent that unleashed classic outfits like the Velvet Underground, Doors ...

The Flamin' Groovies: Flaming Groovies: A Thirteen Year Overnight Success Story

Profile and Interview by John Tobler, ZigZag, April 1978

"Right Cyril...left foot forward, two steps back, and then turn around...and when we've finished this old Ike and Tina Turner Review bit we'll go into ...


Artists matching search criteria

Todd Rundgren

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