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The Sex Pistols: The Social Rehabilitation of the Sex Pistols

Report and Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, August 1977

THE PROSPEROUS CYBORGS at the next table in the backroom of this expensive Stockholm eating-place are sloshing down their coffee as fast as they possibly ...

Nirvana: Territorial Pissings: The Battles Behind Nirvana's New Album

Report and Interview by Michael Azerrad, Musician, October 1993

KURT COBAIN has found that being a professional rock musician is not quite what he imagined when he was banging out his raunchy punk rock ...

Country Joe & The Fish, Crosby Stills and Nash, Jimi Hendrix, The Who: Woodstock: Back To The Garden

Retrospective and Interview by Kris Needs, Record Collector, September 2009

40 years on, Woodstock's epochal celebration of music, peace and unleashed hedonism is being marked with an unprecedented deluge of audio and visual releases. KRIS ...

The Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Damned, Generation X, Public Image Ltd, The Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Slits: Punk: Rogues Gallery

Overview by Kris Needs, ZigZag, January 1986


Bad Company: 'Till The Day I Die'

Retrospective and Interview by Steve Roeser, Goldmine, March 1996

THE '90S REUNION of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, resulting so far in an album and a tour, is no doubt an invigorating development for ...

Alternative TV: The iJamming! Chat: Mark Perry

Interview by Tony Fletcher,, January 2001

AS THE FIRST sentence of my mission statement makes clear, Mark Perry was a major factor in my deciding to write about music – though, ...

John Lennon: We All Shine On

Retrospective by David Stubbs, Uncut, November 2002

Of all of rock's great legends, JOHN LENNON is the most widely-loved and sorely-missed. In this Uncut special, we look back on what he made ...

Billy Bragg: Patriot Games

Interview by Terry Staunton, Record Collector, December 2007

As BILLY BRAGG blows out 50 candles on his birthday cake, TERRY STAUNTON sharpens his pencil for a musical history lesson ...

Lou Reed, Velvet Underground, The: A Dark Prince at Twilight: Lou Reed

Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, March 1996

THE DAY DOES not begin auspiciously. The first flakes of a snowstorm descend as I open the curtains in my hotel room, adding yet another ...

Rolling Stones, The: Twilight in Babylon: Adventures with the Rolling Stones

Retrospective by Nick Kent, MOJO, April 1994

THE FIRST THING you need to know about my adventures with the Rolling Stones is that they pretty much all took place once the basic ...

Michael Hutchence, INXS: Michael Hutchence 1960-1997

Obituary by Toby Creswell, Rolling Stone (Australia), December 1997

Whether it was an old head injury, the wrong medication or the loneliness that caused his untimely death, Michael Hutchence was an international superstar, an ...

Working at the Artists' Garage: Excerpts from Michael Goldberg's Untitled

Book Excerpt by Michael Goldberg, Neumu Press, March 2017

Michael Goldberg's rock 'n' roll coming-of-age novel, Untitled, has just been published. "Oral prose," writes Larry Beckett, the brilliant poet and songwriter who penned the ...

Tim Buckley: The Dream Belongs to Me: The Tragic Journey of Tim Buckley

Retrospective by Kris Needs, Shindig, November 2016

FIFTY YEARS AGO this month, an album was released that, in its own strangely magical way, managed to stand out among the recent folk boom ...

John Cage, Brian Eno: John Cage & Brian Eno: A Meeting of Sound Minds

Interview by Rob Tannenbaum, Musician, September 1985

BRIAN ENO is waiting in the calm, green courtyard between his apartment and studio, just a short distance from London's trend-setting King's Road. Under the ...

John Lennon, Yoko Ono: The Ballad of John & Yoko

Retrospective and Interview by Carol Clerk, Uncut, September 2003

IT'S THE summer of 1969, and John and Yoko are in bed in room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal. They are in their ...

Meat Puppets: Swimming In A Lake Of Fire

Retrospective and Interview by Steve Roeser, Goldmine, April 1995

"Where do bad folks go when they die?They don't go to heaven where the angels flyThey go down to the lake of fire and fry ...

Senior Moments: The Best 30 Albums of 2012 by Artists 50 and Over

Special Feature by Steven R Rosen, Rock's Backpages, December 2012

As voted by over 80 of RBP's leading lights, here are the year's 30 best long-players made by artists of a certain vintage – those ...

Todd Rundgren: 'Go Ahead, Ignore Me!'

Profile and Interview by Barney Hoskyns, MOJO, February 1998

HELLO, it’s him. ...

The Clash

Book Excerpt by Ira Robbins, The Big Takeover, 1994

Even if the basic impetus for punk rock was just traditional teen needs like pissing off parents and claiming a cultural identity, some of the ...

Joe Meek: Hearing A New World: The Joe Meek Story

Retrospective by John McCready, MOJO, May 2001

NOTE: This piece originally featured in Mojo magazine in a truncated 8,000 word edit. this is the full near-12,000 word original piece. This is such ...

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