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Lou Reed: Street Hassle

Review by Jon Savage, Sounds, 11 March 1978

WHAT DO you expect from someone who's been playing rock'n'roll for nearly 15 years, in a business where age is to be feared rather than ...

Magazine: Real Life

Review by Jon Savage, Sounds, 3 June 1978

'I'm faking an extravagant journey, also it seems to me...' ...

Nick Lowe: Labour Of Lust (Radar)***.5

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, 2 June 1979

PEOPLE USED to slate Frank Zappa by dragging out some old rock critic's smart jibe that however Francis would parody 'Louie, Louie' till he was ...

Psychedelic Furs, The: Psychedelic Furs: The Psychedelic Furs (CBS 84084)***¾

Review by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 1 March 1980

So fur so good ...

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers: Rock'n'Roll With The Modern Lovers (Beserkley PZ-34800, Import) ***** and then some

Review by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 25 June 1977

A sense of wonder ...

Pere Ubu: Dub Housing (Chrysalis CHR 1207)*****

Review by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, 11 November 1978

HIT ME with a snorkel and call me Cousteau but this is what the man who delivered my Dub Housing said; MAN: "You for the pair o' U-boats, ...


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