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Clash, The: Head On Clash

Report by Tim Lott, Record Mirror, 12 November 1977

TIM LOTT battles with Joe Strummer's boys and comes out dazed. ...

The Buzzcocks, The Sex Pistols: Sex Pistols/Buzzcocks/Slaughter and the Dogs: Lesser Free Trade Hall, Manchester

Live Review by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 31 July 1976

ABOVE MANCHESTER'S Free Trade Hall is a little known auditorium, capable of holding some 400, cunningly named the Lesser Hall. Until the Sex Pistols discovered ...

The Clash, Joe Strummer: Joe Strummer: Comrade, Goodbye

Memoir by Charles Shaar Murray, MOJO, March 2003

SOMETIME IN 1979, I WAS interviewing Joe Strummer for the NME in the Worlds End pub on the King's Road. As well as giving me ...

The Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Sex Pistols: The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Buzzcocks: Screen On The Green, Islington, London

Live Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 11 September 1976

Our Islington correspondent mingles with the Sex Pistols' portable audience looking for Johnny Rotten's toof. It's incisive stuff… ...

The Clash: Barbarellas, Birmingham

Live Review by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 13 November 1976

WEDNESDAY HAD been booked as Punk Night at Barbarellas, an excuse, if nothing else, for the club deejay to fall in love with the sound ...

Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: Wayne County: Electric Circus, Manchester

Live Review by Paul Morley, NME, 6 August 1977

UPSTAIRS IN THE tiny Electric Circus dressing room Wayne County fussily fumbles and fidgets; he's got to look just right. He's wearing a crisp fawn ...

Gloria Mundi: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Profile and Interview by Chas de Whalley, Sounds, 4 June 1977

AND WHAT did Gloria Mundi's Eddie Maelov get for the courage of his, convictions? ...

The Buzzcocks, Eater: The Buzzcocks, Eater: Holdsworth Hall, Manchester

Live Review by Paul Morley, NME, 2 October 1976

YOU CAN count on Manchester to be 48 months behind apparent national trends. Like, reggae is largely frowned upon: crunching hard rock bands employing predictable ...

Iggy Pop: Iggy And The Stooges: Raw Power

Review by Paul Lester, Uncut, June 1997

LOOK OUT, honey, cos they're using technology. Or rather, remixer Iggy Pop is.  ...

Television: Lightning Strikes

Retrospective by Rob Hughes, Uncut, November 2001

Lightning strikes with Marquee Moon, Television opened the door to post-punk ...

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Siouxsie & the Banshees: Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

Profile by Jane Suck, Sounds, 25 June 1977

Outrage is the game, Siouxsie and the Banshees is the name ...

Siouxsie & The Banshees: Banshees Make The Breakthrough: Roundhouse, London

Live Review by Nick Kent, NME, 29 July 1978

IF PUNKS ARE currently being brushed off by "official sources" as a speedily-becoming-extinct species, why then is it damn near impossible to find a comfortable ...

The (?) Rock Special (#4): Mark P

Profile and Interview by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 9 October 1976

"I may be sounding dramatic but I wanna go out and hear the sounds that I like every night, I wanna have to choose what ...

Sex Pistols, The: Goodbye — and Good Riddance: The Sex Pistols, Winterland, San Francisco

Live Review by Harvey Kubernik, Melody Maker, 21 January 1978

Harvey Kubernik's personal view of the Pistols' last U.S. gig at Winterland in San Francisco ...

Clash, The, Suburban Studs: The Clash, Suburban Studs: Barbarella's, Birmingham

Live Review by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, 13 November 1976

WEDNESDAY HAD been booked as Punk Night at Barbarellas, an excuse, if nothing else, for the club deejay to fall in love with the sound ...

Iggy Pop, Stooges, The: Iggy and the Stooges: Raw Power

Review and Interview by David Quantick, Jaan Uhelszki, Uncut, June 2010

Fine 3-CD reissue with live bootleg and much more ...

Blondie, Cherry Vanilla, Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers, The Ramones, Television, Wayne County & The Electric Chairs: NY Punk

Report by Kris Needs, ZigZag, April 1977

Well, we got through to the second issue despite opposition from the hippies. Anyway, here we are...and it's about time we went Over The Top ...

Patti Smith: At Last, The Lower Manhattan Show

Report and Interview by Miles, New Musical Express, 22 May 1976

Patti Smith at the Roundhouse, facing fans, friends, fungoids and straightforward weirdos – Britain's first live chance of checking out the 'legend'. MILES went as ...

Germs, The: St. Anger: Darby Crash

Retrospective by Chris Campion, Dazed & Confused, November 2002

HE WAS Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious rolled into one. A befuddled punk prophet with a brilliant mind whose rise was as shocking as his ...

Meat Puppets: Call of the Wild: Meat Puppets

Profile and Interview by Mark Dery, Option, January 1988

IT AIN'T THE MEAT, as they say, it's the motion, and believe me, nothing beats a handful of animated hamburger racing around on your plate ...

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