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David Bowie: Sermon From The Savoy

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 29 September 1984

When David Bowie recently visited Britain he agreed to do one ‘official’ interview — with NME’s Charles Shaar Murray. In this exclusive story he gives ...

David Bowie, Eddie & The Hot Rods, Generation X, Marc Bolan: Bowie and Bolan Get It On

Report by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, September 1977

"OH THAT'S REALLY Polaroid! You've gotta keep the ending!" David Bowie rocked with laughter and Marc Bolan wiped away the tears that had threatened to ...

David Bowie: Aladdin Sane

Review by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, June 1973

FRESH FROM HIS second campaign in the American rock wars, our once and future pop boy fave David Bowie delivers Aladdin Sane as Phase III ...

David Bowie: Paul Morley: The Age of Bowie – How David Bowie Made a World of Difference

Book Review by Barney Hoskyns, Observer, The, 17 July 2016

"EVERYONE HAS THEIR own Bowie," Paul Morley writes in this discursive, free-associating ride across the life and work of the Starman Who Changed the World. ...

David Bowie: Aladdin Sane

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 14 April 1973

Bye-bye, Ziggy. It was nice seeing you, and I hope you'll keep in touch. Hello, Aladdin Sane, make yourself at home. David Bowie's new album ...

David Bowie: A Candid Conversation with David Bowie

Interview by Cameron Crowe, Playboy, September 1976

HE WAS ONCE a scruffy, honey-haired folk singer. Then an adamantly bisexual balladeer. Then a spacey, cropped-red-haired androgynous guitarist backed by a band called the ...

David Bowie

Report and Interview by Cynthia Rose, City Limits, 3 June 1983

IN THE DAYS of Beau Brummell or even Baudelaire, to be a dandy was to be a true social outlaw – one whose fixed individuality ...

Art Ensemble of Chicago: Lester Bowie: Gittin' to Know Y'all

Interview by Brian Case, Melody Maker, 24 February 1979

LESTER BOWIE plays trumpet the way Leo Watson scats. His music is a funfair hall of mirrors with as many straight lines as a switchback ...

David Bowie

Interview by Mat Snow, MOJO, October 1994

"ONE THING I'VE NOTICED driving around in this part of Switzerland is that there are no flowers. It's relentlessly green in Geneva – they must ...

David Bowie: Black Tie White Noise

Review by David Sinclair, Q, May 1993

THE 1980S WAS not a happy decade for David Bowie. ...

David Bowie

Report and Interview by Chris Welch, Melody Maker, 17 April 1971

SO THERE WAS this geezer dressed up in ladies' clothes and I fought "Cor blimey;" I fought. But it turned out, he was quite a ...

David Bowie: Sound + Fisson: David Bowie: Earthling (RCA Records) ***½

Review by Mark Kemp, Rolling Stone, 20 February 1997

David Bowie breaks it down on his new album, Earthling ...

David Bowie: Reality (ISO/Columbia)

Review by Andy Gill, Independent, The, 12 September 2003

LIKE BOB DYLAN, David Bowie seems to have been re-invigorated by a lengthy period with a stable band: Reality appears with almost indecent haste a ...

David Bowie: Punk, Politics, Religion And War... By A Superstar

Report and Interview by David Hancock, Evening News, 20 September 1977

Britain is ready for a new Hitler, says Bowie ...

Ava Cherry: Bowie Backups and Beyond

Interview by Mark Leviton, BAM, 19 November 1982

LOSANGELES — Back-up singers don't always rise to distinction, but vocalist Ava Cherry, who worked extensively with David Bowie on the pivotal Diamond Dogs tour ...

David Bowie: 'Heroes' (RCA PL 12622)

Review by Tim Lott, Record Mirror, 8 October 1977

Bowie and blind faith ...

David Bowie: Low (RCA PL K12030)

Review by David Hancock, National RockStar, 22 January 1977

WELL IF IT'S the right speed maybe it's the wrong artist. Nope. This is David Bowie. And it's different. And it's excellent. ...

David Bowie: Earthling (RCA 7432144944 2)

Review by Andy Gill, Independent, The, 21 January 1997

What comes through most strongly is the way Bowie retains an obsessional interest in the sheer variety and extremity of sound ...

David Bowie: Paul Morley: The Age of Bowie/Rob Sheffield: On Bowie/Simon Critchley: On Bowie/Simon Reynolds: Shock and Awe

Book Review by Ian Penman, London Review of Books, 5 January 2017

IN 1975, DAVID BOWIE was in Los Angeles pretending to star in a film that wasn't being made, adapted from a memoir he would never ...

David Bowie Says Most Things The Long Way Round!

Interview by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 25 October 1969

ON HEARING a new LP called David Bowie, someone remarked: 'Well it's very nice, but do you think he's a lasting talent?' ...

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