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David Bowie: Paul Morley: The Age of Bowie/Rob Sheffield: On Bowie/Simon Critchley: On Bowie/Simon Reynolds: Shock and Awe

Book Review by Ian Penman, London Review of Books, 5 January 2017

IN 1975, DAVID BOWIE was in Los Angeles pretending to star in a film that wasn't being made, adapted from a memoir he would never ...

David Bowie Says Most Things The Long Way Round!

Interview by Penny Valentine, Disc and Music Echo, 25 October 1969

ON HEARING a new LP called David Bowie, someone remarked: 'Well it's very nice, but do you think he's a lasting talent?' ...

David Bowie: Watch Out Mate! Hitler’s On His Way Back

Interview by Anthony O'Grady, New Musical Express, August 1975

"WE THINK WE'VE got an audience," says the spokesperson in the Bowie suite. "We're pretty sure the operator will be listening in." ...

David Bowie: From Low to Lodger

Retrospective by Paul Yamada, New York Rocker, July 1979

THE LAST TWO studio LPs by David Bowie seem to make up some sort of unit. The release of a third album in collaboration with ...

David Bowie: Black Tie, White Noise

Review by Dave Thompson, Rocket, The, May 1993

IN THE DECADE since his last truly successful album, Let's Dance, David Bowie has undergone any number of changes, each of them as dramatic as ...

David Bowie: Did We Use Him? Did We Abuse Him?

Essay by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 2 August 1975

Well, he's acting like we did, so maybe there's something in it. Two recent and much-maligned Bowie albums are herein re-evaluated for your reading pleasure... ...

David Bowie: Bowie Throws A Bone To His 'Dog' Fans

Report and Interview by Ron Ross, Circus, December 1974

WHILE HARSHER CRITICS said his music was being lost behind his many theatrical masks, Bowie was planning the live album that would reveal him as ...

David Bowie: Birth Of The New Rock Theatre

Live Review by Chris Charlesworth, Melody Maker, 22 June 1974

A FEW THOUSAND lucky Canadians witnessed a completely new concept in rock theatre last weekend when David Bowie opened his North American tour in Montreal ...

David Bowie: Station to Station – A Report

Report by Ben Edmonds, Phonograph Record, January 1976

A YEAR AGO, David Bowie's public face was a mess. The Diamond Dogs tour he'd recently completed had certainly been successful enough, but it was ...

David Bowie: The Scruffy Little Failure who became David Bowie

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, NME, 18 April 1974

Ken Pitt, Bowie's former manager and the only man In the world who's lived with both Bowie and James Dean, reflects on the days before ...

David Bowie: David Bowie is: V&A, London

Review by Nicky Charlish, Culture Wars, 9 November 2013

Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, the Thin White Duke, The Man Who Fell to Earth, the man of seemingly endless identity changes. David Bowie has been ...

David Bowie: Never Let Me Down

Review by Roy Trakin, Creem, August 1987

THE PICTURE OF Dorian Bowie, in which the master remains young but his music begins to limp. Or the boy who cried wolf, so that ...

David Bowie Let's Dance (EMI/America)

Review by Carol Cooper, Record, July 1983

A CONSUMMATE BLEND of everything Chic and David Bowie (in his Negro period) represent, 'Let's Dance' – the title song of the latter's new album ...

David Bowie: Royal Festival Hall, London, 29th June

Live Review by William Higham, Rock's Backpages, July 2002

IT SEEMS LIKE some of the old guard are rediscovering their form over the last eighteen months: Brian Wilson, Bryan Ferry, Roger Waters and now ...

David Bowie: Cracked Actor (BBC 1)

Film/DVD/TV Review by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 1 February 1975

I WOULDN'T care to examine the merits and de-merits of David Bowie on the strength of last Sunday's Omnibus programme on him. Titled Cracked Actor ...

David Bowie: Radio City Music Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Lenny Kaye, Disc, 23 November 1974

THE DAVID Bowie Minstrel Show shuffled into Radio City Music Hall last week for a stay of five days, in what had to be the ...

David Bowie: The Space Oddity Comes Down To Earth

Interview by James Johnson, New Musical Express, 14 August 1971

AT ONE TIME singer/songwriter David Bowie used to write songs because, "I truly believed we songwriters were going to change the face of the world." ...

David Bowie: "Now Where Did I Put Those Tunes?"

Interview by David Quantick, Q, October 1999

He took Sly Stone's drugs. He thought Bing looked like a little orange on a stool. He named his son Duncan and is madly in ...

David Bowie: The Man Who Sold The World

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, 18 February 1971

"Some say the view is crazy/But you may adopt another point of view. So if it's much too hazy/You can leave my friend and me ...

David Bowie: The Singer Who Fell to Earth

Retrospective and Interview by Simon Reynolds, New York Times, The, 6 March 2013

ON 'THE STARS (ARE OUT TONIGHT)', the new single from David Bowie's comeback album, The Next Day, one line jumps out: "We will never be ...

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