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David Bowie: Station to Station: The importance of David Bowie

Essay by Paul Morley, Financial Times, 3 September 2010

HOW MUCH DO you like David Bowie? You will have to like him a lot to want to spend more than £80 on a deluxe ...

David Bowie: Best Dressed Mainman at The Twilight Zone Ball

Comment by Nick Kent, Creem, August 1973

SOME SAY THAT the only reason Mick Rock got that job as Mainman's official photographer/sometime designer was because Angie Bowie fancied his wife. That's a ...

David Bowie: The Man Who Fell Into Sinatra's Suit

Live Review by Max Bell, NME, 15 May 1976

IT'S HALF PAST five on Sunday afternoon and I still don't know how to start this thing. Only David Bowie could return like the Prodigal, ...

David Bowie: Mr. Bowie Changes Trains: Station to Station

Retrospective by Barney Hoskyns, Rock's Backpages, December 2013

NOTE: This essay on one of Bowie's greatest records was written for the artist Doug Aitken's (partially-Bowie-inspired) Station to Station exhibition, which travelled by train ...

David Bowie Hopes To Take Over A Road...!

Interview by Tony Norman, Top Pops, 25 October 1969

DAVID BOWIE is a quietly spoken young man. His hair curls around his head and his eyes are warm. In his face, his smile, you ...

David Bowie: Who Was That (Un)masked Man?

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, New Musical Express, 12 November 1977

CHRIST, HOW LONG has it been? Four years, man, and I set up the tape machine – Bowie attempting to balance the microphone on top ...

David Bowie: Fleeting Moments In A Glamorous Career

Report by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, October 1972

WITH NOT SO much as the Ed Sullivan Show, Shindig or Hullabaloo, a Winky Dink screen or a fifth-Spider like Murray the K to add ...

David Bowie: Time For Another Ch-ch-change

Report and Interview by Richard Cromelin, Rolling Stone, 10 October 1974

LOS ANGELES – David Bowie hadn't slept for 36 hours. He'd just gone through his rigorous show at the Universal Amphitheater for the fourth night ...

David Bowie: The star looks very different today

Comment by Robert Sandall, Sunday Times, 31 August 2003

SO FAR AS the world knows, David Bowie has been cruising in an enviable holding pattern for at least 10 years: a wealthy rock aristo ...

David Bowie: David Buckley: Strange Fascination – The Definitive David Bowie Story

Book Review by Keith Cameron, Guardian, The, 23 September 1999

WHILE MOST BOWIE biographies (notably Alias David Bowie, Peter & Leni Gillman's 1986 exposé of family mental illness and the Bowie "myth") are as welcome ...

David Bowie (1995)

Interview by Simon Witter, Rock's Backpages Audio, 4 October 1995

The Great Dame talks at length about art, role playing, Eno, successes and failures, and his place in the greater scheme of things.

File format: mp3; file size: 56.9mb, interview length: 1h 02' 09" sound quality: *****

David Bowie (1999)

Interview by Chris Roberts, Rock's Backpages Audio, 29 July 1999

The Dame, surrounded by some splendid NYC ambience, talks about where he's at today; his workaholism; being part of Tin Machine; some of the personae he has adopted; on being liberated by Hunky Dory; becoming Ziggy; years lost to drugs, and on his relationship with his fans via the internet.

File format: mp3 File size: 54.3mb; interview length: 56' 33" seconds Sound quality: ***

David Bowie: Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, January 1997

THERE'S NOTHING the media loves more than an anniversary and David Bowie's 50th birthday on January 8 offered ample opportunity for career retrospectives and dissections ...

David Bowie: Contemporary Songwriters: David Bowie

Profile by Penny Valentine, Sounds, 1 May 1971

THE WORK of songwriters is conditioned by many things. Their environment, their childhood, their brushes with love, their hopes and dreams, their disillusionment. And they ...

David Bowie: NEC, Birmingham

Live Review by Chris Roberts, Melody Maker, 31 March 1990

"I thought I'd play a couple of numbers from the Tin Machine album... wait, wait, where are you going...come back!" ...

David Bowie: Aladdin Distress

Live Review by Nick Kent, NME, 19 May 1973

"AND WHEN he arrived they screamed and they cried, and they rushed, and gushed forth and beat their feverish feminine fists into..." FORGET IT! This ...

David Bowie: Aladdin Scotland

Report and Interview by Ray Fox-Cumming, Disc, 26 May 1973


David Bowie: Merry Christmas Mr Bowie

Interview by Chris Bohn, NME, 16 April 1983

I: The Missing YearsDavid Bowie's new film, The Hunger, opens not with the focus fixed firmly on the star but with a cameo sequence of ...

David Bowie: The Bowie Experiment

Interview by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 9 June 1973

THIS IS ONE OF those restaurants where quiet good taste just screams its presence. You just know that they have pheasant under glass, and that ...

David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust, now a man of wealth and taste

Essay by Barney Hoskyns, Independent, The, 15 June 2002

IT IS NO COINCIDENCE that June 2002 is turning out to be David Bowie month. This time 30 years ago, trading under the plastic-fantastic moniker ...

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