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David Bowie

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy

David Bowie: Profile: David Bowie

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental, July 1971

David Bowie doesn't give interviews. 'I don't feel that anything I could say would be worth quoting,' he says by way of explanation. However, he ...

David Bowie: Star Man

Profile and Interview by Tim Cooper, Observer, The, 9 June 2002

After 35 years in the business and endless ch-ch-ch-changes, David Bowie, rock'n'roll's archetypal chameleon, has finally found equilibrium as a clean-living family man. Tim Cooper ...

David Bowie: Oh, You Pretty Thing: David Bowie

Profile and Interview by Michael Watts, Melody Maker, 22 January 1972

DAVID BOWIE, rock's swishiest outrage; a self-confessed lover of effeminate clothes, Bowie, who has hardly performed in public since his 'Space Oddity' hit of three ...

David Bowie: The Scruffy Little Failure who became David Bowie

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, NME, 18 April 1974

Ken Pitt, Bowie's former manager and the only man In the world who's lived with both Bowie and James Dean, reflects on the days before ...

David Bowie: The Rise and Rise of David Bowie

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental, August 1972

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ChangesCh-ch-ch-ch-ChangesLook out you Rock 'n Rollers.(Changes). ...

David Bowie: The Darling of the Avant Garde

Profile and Interview by Richard Cromelin, Phonograph Record, January 1972

IS THIS FRAIL-LOOKING young Englishman with the delicate, birdlike features, arresting Capricorn eyes and page boy waves of sandy blonde hair indeed destined to become ...

David Bowie, Carlos Alomar: Carlos Alomar: Hard Driving Anchor Man For The David Bowie Show

Profile and Interview by Gene Santoro, Guitar World, January 1984

IMAGINE THE fairy-tale scene this way, since this is how it actually happened: It is 1973, the setting is RCA's recording studios in New York ...

Brian Eno: "When he sang, David Bowie became a different person"

Profile and Interview by Rob Hughes, Daily Telegraph, 23 July 2016

BRIAN ENO is Britain's favourite cultural polymath. He contributed a chime for a clock that will ring once every 10,000 years. He wrote a soundtrack ...

Roxy Music: An Imperial Roxy Music Move To Rule The World

Profile and Interview by Stephen Demorest, Circus, February 1975

Led by a debonair Disraeli of modern music, Roxy are the most powerful new force out of Britain since David Bowie. Can County Life charm America too? ...

Hawksley Workman: Hawksley's Moxie

Profile and Interview by Nicholas Jennings, Maclean's, 21 April 2001

IS HAWKSLEY WORKMAN too good to be true? At 26, the Canadian singer-songwriter has already drawn comparisons to figures like David Bowie and Tom Waits ...

New York Dolls: The New York Dolls: An Insider's View

Profile and Interview by Ron Ross, Phonograph Record, October 1973

THE NEW YORK DOLLS are going to prove to be the ultimate rock critics' band, because, along with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, and ...

The Beatles: Astrid Kirchherr

Profile and Interview by Graham Reid, New Zealand Herald, 1994

AT 55, ASTRID Kirchherr still loves rock music and listens to it every day: The Beatles, the Doors, Bowie... "and Prince, he's such a genius ...

Iggy Pop: The Madcap Laughs Again

Profile and Interview by Mat Snow, Q, September 1988

Iggy Pop "The Prophet Of Punk" — has ricocheted through some combustible times. There were fleeting stabs at bona fide rock celebrity, then prolonged bouts ...

Roxy Music

Profile and Interview by Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental, October 1972

Peace Rock, Acid Rock, Hard Rock, Country Rock, Psycho Rock, Fag Rock & Glam Rock, NOW WE’VE GOT SCI-FI ROCK BY: ROXY MUSIC. ...

Iggy Pop: Dr Iggy and Mr Pop

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, NME, 24 March 1979

"I am totally into corruption." ...

Alpha: A Profile

Profile and Interview by Paul Lester, Uncut, June 2001

BRISTOL, LIKE Manchester, was once synonymous with nervy, wired, dark white funk – The Pop Group, Rip Rig & Panic. Then the drugs changed (skunk, ...

Sadistic Mika Band: Let Pink Floyd Fans Beware

Profile and Interview by Michael Gross, Circus Raves, July 1975

EARLY IN THE SUMMER of 1974, Mika Katoh, a small, beautiful, Japanese woman, walked out of her room in London's Portobello Hotel, and crossed the ...

Rodney Bingenheimer: L.A.'s own Mayor Zelig

Profile and Interview by Richard Cromelin, Los Angeles Times, 21 March 2004

A new film follows Rodney Bingenheimer's journey from a torn childhood to hanging with the hip bands of the music scene. ...

Luther Vandross: Vandross adds '60s Emotion to '80s Technology

Profile and Interview by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore Sun, 17 December 1982

ANY REASONABLE list of this year's best soul albums has to include Cheryl Lynn's Instant Love (Columbia), Aretha Franklin's Jump To It (Arista), and Luther ...

The Pixies: Democracy Cuban Style

Profile and Interview by Mark Kemp, Option, January 1991

"OH, DON'T print this," Black Francis says, in a gentle voice, catching himself midway through a tell-all about a one-time Spider From Mars. ...

Artists matching search criteria

David Bowie

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy

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