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David Bowie

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy

David Bowie: Earl's Court, London

Live Review by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 8 July 1978


David Bowie: Best Dressed Mainman at The Twilight Zone Ball

Comment by Nick Kent, Creem, August 1973

SOME SAY THAT the only reason Mick Rock got that job as Mainman's official photographer/sometime designer was because Angie Bowie fancied his wife. That's a ...

David Bowie: Aladdin Distress

Live Review by Nick Kent, NME, 19 May 1973

"AND WHEN he arrived they screamed and they cried, and they rushed, and gushed forth and beat their feverish feminine fists into..." FORGET IT! This ...

David Bowie: The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars (RCA)

Review by Nick Kent, Oz, July 1972

DAVID BOWIE, easily the most brilliant young songwriter in this country, seems to have been going through quite a few rapid changes over the last ...

David Bowie in the USA

Report by Nick Kent, NME, 21 April 1973

THE MAN from the customs – a surly-looking Negro – eyed me suspiciously for a full ten minutes, and checked and rechecked my baggage and ...

David Bowie: The Wild Mutation As A Rock 'n' Roll Star

Profile by Nick Kent, Friends/Frendz, September 1972

SATURDAY NIGHT was star night down at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park and how! I mean, my dear, you just wouldn't believe all those ...

Lou Reed: The Stones, Bowie, Roxy and Mott. And What They Owe To The Inspiration of This One Man

Interview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 14 October 1972

NICK KENT analyses the growing influence of America's LOU REED ...

Iggy Pop, The Stooges: An Initiation Into Iggy Pop

Profile by Nick Kent, NME, 29 July 1972

For those who think Bowie a trifle lame... ...

Iggy Pop: Iggy Said It, Iggy Had The Power, Iggy Had The Disease

Comment by Nick Kent, NME, 12 March 1977

THINKING BACK, IT WAS almost a year ago to this very day when I last ran into Iggy. An assignment had got me holed up ...

Wire: 154 (Harvest)

Review by Nick Kent, NME, 22 September 1979

WIRE WERE from the very outset a conceptually intriguing collective, even though they bristled with a potential that was all too often offset by niggling ...

Boomtown Rats: The Boomtown Rats: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Nick Kent, NME, 3 November 1979

THURSDAY NIGHT at the Hammersmith Odeon demonstrated Neil Young's recent lyrical contention that "The King is gone but he's not forgotten": The Boomtown Rats utilised ...

Neil Young, David Bowie: No More Heroes

Comment by Nick Kent, Guardian, The, 19 December 2003

THE BEST THING you can say about 2003 is that it's almost over. ...

Iggy Pop: Dr Iggy and Mr Pop

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, NME, 24 March 1979

"I am totally into corruption." ...

Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett: Syd Barrett: Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Obituary by Nick Kent, Guardian, The, 12 July 2006

Syd Barrett, the most famous recluse in rock, is dead. It would be easy to mourn the founder of Pink Floyd as a casualty of ...

David Bowie, Elliott Murphy, New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Rolling Stones, The: Farewell Androgyny n. hermaphroditism (Gr. Gyne, woman)

Overview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 16 March 1974


Lou Reed: The Sinatra Of The 70's

Report and Interview by Nick Kent, NME, 28 April 1973

LOU REED SURE is a card. The day before this interview was supposed to take place, an associate of mine phoned up the Reed management ...

Iggy Pop, David Bowie: Nick Kent: Once Upon a Life

Memoir by Nick Kent, Observer, The, 14 March 2010

In 1972 he was sorting mail in a Sussex post office. Twelve months later he was partying with Led Zeppelin. Here, the hugely influential music ...

Elton John, Marc Bolan, The Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, Slade, Sweet: Fashion: The Politics of Flash

Report and Interview by Nick Kent, NME, 6 April 1974

NICK KENT traces the Rise and Fall of The Satin Jacket...and generally walks it like he talks it into the land of 'Rock Chic.' ...

Roxy Music: All This and Eno Too… How Can They Fail?

Profile and Interview by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, 18 November 1972

T.S. ELIOT, MUSING upon a takeaway Chinese meal once asked "Is true art dead?", while over at the pinball machine Little Richard picked his nose ...

Mott The Hoople: Memoirs of a Street Punk

Interview by Nick Kent, NME, 19 January 1974

IAN HUNTER knows a thing or two about being a rock 'n' roll star. ...


Artists matching search criteria

David Bowie

Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy

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