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The Police: Junger than Stingtime: The Police's Synchronicity

Review by Richard Cook, NME, June 1983

THE POLICE are much like Gods to their pop universe, not only in their worship rating but in their omnipotent attitude to their work. They ...

Neil Merryweather: Space Rangers

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 28 September 1974

THIS GUY'S got to be kidding. ...

Iggy Pop: Blah, Blah, Blah

Review by Don Watson, NME, 4 October 1986

"I'M A real wild one." Iggy Pop, 1986. ...

Iggy Pop: Lust For Life (RCA)

Review by Max Bell, NME, 27 August 1977

GOG AND MAGOG?! No, Dog And Maindog. A Pure Pop Person Pleads Sanity. MAX BELL Was At The Hearings. ...

Be-Bop Deluxe: Be Bop Deluxe: Axe Victim

Review by Ian MacDonald, NME, 6 July 1974

IT'S GREAT to be right in there on the first still-to-be-perfected artistic utterance of A Truly Great Group To Be. That old warm self-congratulatory glow ...

Cockney Rebel: The Psychomodo

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 8 June 1974

ONE THING you gotta admit about Steve Harley, and that is that he does the funniest interviews since Marc Bolan. He even opens up Cocky ...

Wire: 154 (Harvest)

Review by Nick Kent, NME, 22 September 1979

WIRE WERE from the very outset a conceptually intriguing collective, even though they bristled with a potential that was all too often offset by niggling ...

Psychedelic Furs, The: Malice Through The Looking Glass: Psychedelic Furs: Mirror Moves (CBS)

Review by Jane Solanas, NME, 19 May 1984

THE RETURN of the underdogs. Castigated, laughed at… they flew to New York, where Butler quit drinking, attacked the museli bowl and kissed his girlfriend. ...

Jobriath: Jobriath (Elektra)

Review by Ian MacDonald, NME, 26 January 1974

YOU WILL soon be told that this cat is going to be the big breeze in 1974. Receive this piece of information with sceptical, though ...

Jet (UK): Jet: Jet

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 26 April 1975

AT LAST the 1972 show! ...

Gary Numan: Telekon

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 6 September 1980

AH, THE shimmering dust-free corridors, the pleasure machines, the limitless possibilities opened up by microtechnology, the disturbing effects of cybernetic leisure upon the fragile human ...

Robert Palmer: Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, NME, 31 August 1974

I ALWAYS felt more than a little sorry for Robert Palmer when he was in Vinegar Joe. ...

Supertramp: Crime Of The Century (A&M)

Review by Fred Dellar, NME, 26 October 1974

OWN UP – you'd written Supertramp off, hadn't you? ...

Donovan: 7-Tease

Review by Chris Salewicz, NME, 18 January 1975

NOW THE FACTS are these: 7-Tease is a concept album; 7-Tease is a massive made-in-Nashville production; 7-Tease is also The Album Of The Stage Show. ...

Billy Mackenzie: Beyond The Sun

Review by Stephen Dalton, NME, 1997

BILLY MACKENZIE was narcissism made flesh, the Devil's grin on his dimpled face and the best white pop voice of the last 20 years gushing ...

Eurythmics: 1984: For The Love of Big Brother (Virgin)

Review by Don Watson, NME, 17 November 1984

WAR IS Peace, Freedom Is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength and this soundtrack LP with the logo of Radford's 1984 on its cover is not the ...

Brian Protheroe: Pinball

Review by Max Bell, NME, 4 January 1975

IF YOU LIKED the instant, stylised commercialism of 'Pinball', with its dilettante finger poppin'; then the album of that name might be just up your ...

Cockney Rebel: The Human Menagerie (EMI)

Review by Roy Carr, NME, 26 January 1974

JUDGING FROM the mass of press coverage that Cockney Rebel are currently grabbing for themselves, it would appear that their verbose frontman Steve Harley is ...

The Pixies: Bossanova

Review by Terry Staunton, NME, August 1990

THE EVER-SO-ARTY lyric book that accompanies the new Pixies album contains the words to a song that you will not find on the record itself. ...

Blondie: Eat To The Beat (Chrysalis)

Review by Paul Rambali, NME, 22 September 1979

BLONDES have more fun. They also sometimes sell more records. This puts our subject in a rather invidious position. ...

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