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Alan Clayson

Alan Clayson

Alan Clayson is the author of over 30 books. These include biographies of Jacques BrelSerge Gainsbourg and the Troggs, plus Death Discs, the subject of a programme he scripted and hosted on BBC Radio 2 – plus the bestsellers Backbeat, Beat Merchants and a history of the Yardbirds. A 2002 tome concerning classical composer Edgard Varèse led to Gail Zappa appointing Clayson to pen a life of her late husband. He has also contributed to such diverse journals as Rock ‘N’ Reel, The Guardian, Mojo, Sunday Times, Mediaeval World, Guitar & Bass, Vintage Rock, Hello!, Record Collector and, as a teenager, the notorious Schoolkids issue of Oz.

In the late 1970s, Clayson was spoken of in the same sentences as the likes of Tom Robinson, John Otway, Elvis Costello and Wreckless Eric. Indeed, Melody Maker decided he "occupies a premier position on rock's Lunatic Fringe" in the light of his impact and that of his accompanying Argonauts. "Alan Clayson and the Argonauts were one of rock's most glorious and enjoyable follies," averred Rock ‘N’ Reel, "and somewhere there is a parallel universe where they are bigger than the Beatles."

Clayson compositions have been covered by Dave Berry (in whose backing group Clayson played keyboards in the mid-'80s), Stairway and Jane Relf. He has worked too with The Portsmouth SinfoniaWreckless Eric, Dick Taylor, Jim McCarty and Screaming Lord Sutch among others.


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Heinz, John Leyton, Joe Meek, The Tornados: Geoff Goddard, 1939-2000

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 25 May 2000

Innovative songwriter in an era before the Beatles ...

Charles Trenet: BOUM!: The Life And Art Of Charles Trenet

Obituary by Alan Clayson, unpublished, February 2001

A MORE TIDY-minded author might portray Charles Trenet (1913-2001) as a French Noel Coward. A multi-faceted talent, he was best known for combining qualities of ...

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke: Tony Ashton, 1946-2000

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 19 July 2001

BORN OF A musical family in Blackburn, Ashton grew up in Blackpool. Before leaving school at 15, he was already a competent pianist and organist, ...

Speedy Keen, Thunderclap Newman: Speedy Keen, 1945-2002

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 6 July 2002

SPEEDY KEEN, who has died suddenly aged 56, was a mainstay of Thunderclap Newman, the pop outfit responsible for the anthemic 'Something In The Air', ...

Tim Rose, 1940-2002

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 12 November 2002

Singer best known for his 1967 version of the anti-nuclear song 'Morning Dew' ...

Jake Thackray, 1939-2002

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 28 December 2002

Original lyricist and founding father of the English chanson. ...

Mickie Most, The Yardbirds: Mickie Most

Retrospective by Alan Clayson, unpublished, 2004

"The only gift I had as a producer was finding the right song. I felt I knew how it should be done and, after that, ...

Kevin Coyne, 1944-2004

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 6 December 2004

KEVIN COYNE was a singer-songwriter respected by his contemporaries but lacking their chart success. Nevertheless, largely through Radio One presenter John Peel's championing, he built ...

Martha Carson, 1921-2005

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 14 February 2005

BORN IRENE Amburgey, the second of three sisters, Martha Carson was a guitarist in a troupe, led by her father, that entertained at functions close ...

Syd Barrett, 1946-2006

Obituary by Alan Clayson, The Guardian, 11 July 2006

Former lead singer of Pink Floyd whose drug-induced breakdown and reclusive retirement created a musical legend ...

Screaming Lord Sutch Is Alive And Well And Living At Number Ten...

Retrospective by Alan Clayson, unpublished, June 2012

...10, PARKFIELD ROAD, South Harrow, that is – where the mere mortal christened David Edward Sutch had tumbled out of bed just prior to the ...

Blues Incorporated, Jack Bruce, Cream, West, Bruce & Laing: Jack Bruce, 1943-2014

Obituary by Alan Clayson, Joel McIver, The Observer, 26 October 2014

Composer and bassist who found early success with Cream and went on to perform as a soloist and with many other artists ...

Bloodstone, David Bowie, Chicken Shack, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall, Rocky Sharpe & the Replays, Mike Vernon: Mike Vernon: Beyond the Blue Horizon

Retrospective and Interview by Alan Clayson, unpublished, 2015

If known chiefly as a blues paladin, Mike Vernon plunged headfirst into many other – often unexpected – musical waters. Alan Clayson investigates. ...

Gary Glitter: Rock 'N' Roll Part 3? Gary Glitter's future

Comment by Alan Clayson, unpublished, 2017

IN 2015, 74-old Gary Glitter began a sixteen-year prison term for crimes that, seemingly, were beyond the prerogative of a rock star's outlaw chic. This ...

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