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David A. Keeps

David A. Keeps

Born and raised in suburban Detroit, David A. Keeps came of age tuning in Soupy Sales and Batman and listening to Motown and the British Invasion on local radio stations WKNR and CKLW. At the University of Michigan, he traded up from pop to glam and punk precursors including Bowie, Alice, Lou and Iggy. After visiting London in the summer of 1977, he began writing for New York Rocker, where he would also hustle record company ads in the early 1980s.

He was tapped by a pre-Pet Shop Boys Neil Tennant to work on the American version of Smash Hits (known as Star Hits due to copyright issues), where he became a chronicler of all things "New Wave" during the middle 1980s. The Anglophile Keeps also wrote for Creem and English publications including a myriad of EMAP titles, the NME, The Face and Arena.

Throughout the 1990s, Keeps led music, celebrity and style coverage in the Condé Nast iteration of Details. As an L.A.-based freelancer, he contributed to the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Travel + Leisure, GQ, Rolling Stone and Blender. He hosted two travel shows, Art & the City and The Scenic Route for the Ovation channel and worked as a writer and producer for the award-winning film and television production company World of Wonder.

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Was (Not Was): Back Come the Freaks

Interview by David A. Keeps, New Musical Express, 22 October 1983

Was (Not Was)'s major problem was that they could never sing. Their voices would always come out sounding freaky. To overcome this they've brought in ...

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