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Kim Fowley

Kim Fowley

The greatest hustler in the history of rock'n'roll, Fowley is an Angeleno who has been involved with thousands of artists from B. Bumble & the Stingers to the Runaways.

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David Bowie: Aladdin Sane (RCA)

Review by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, June 1973

DAVID BOWIE is not a gay act. David Bowie can't dance. David Bowie has no sense of humor. David Bowie cannot write constantly familiar songs. ...

The Byrds: I Love The Byrds But...

Comment by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, January 1972

IN ALMOST 1972, the Beatles have broken up, the Stones are husbands and fathers, Sonny and Cher are famous again, Jimi Hendrix is dead, and ...

Alice Cooper: Muscle of Love (Warner Brothers)

Review by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, January 1974

ALICE COOPER is an American International movie 10 years later set to music. But where is the director, Bob Ezrin? He directed such wow scenes ...

The Dils, The Hollywood Stars, Quick, The (U.S.), The Screamers, Van Halen, The Weirdos: America's Local Talent 1977: The Sounds of Los Angeles

Overview by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, May 1977

ONE DOESN'T need to write any introduction on the general rock history and geographical relevance of Hollywood. Hollywood is Los Angeles, Los Angeles is California ...

Kim Fowley: Into The Sinister ’70s

Book Excerpt by Kim Fowley, Rock's Backpages, 1999

AS WE ALL KNOW, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison all died in fairly quick succession as the ’70s began. By the time Jim ...

Kim Fowley: Riding Shotgun in Swinging London

Book Excerpt by Kim Fowley, Rock's Backpages, 1999

The arrival of The Beatles in 1964 convinced Kim Fowley that he had no immediate future as a freelance record producer in his native Los ...

Kim Fowley: Smells Like Nirvana: Hollywood Poptopia

Book Excerpt by Kim Fowley, 'A Vampire From Outer Space', 1999

IN THE LATE '50s, I decided I would go into rock and roll. By then it was really exploding. At this point, L.A. hadn’t had ...

Kim Fowley: The Thoughts of Chairman Kim

Book Excerpt by Kim Fowley, Rock's Backpages, 1999

On Being the Rock’n’ Roll Rupert Everett ...

Kim Fowley, The Runaways: King of the Nighttime World

Retrospective by Kim Fowley, Rock's Backpages, 2000

Kim Fowley reveals how L.A. ultravixens the Runaways were formed – and how he helped give birth to Hollywood punk. ...

Lou Reed: Coney Island Baby (RCA APL1-0915-B)

Review by Kim Fowley, Phonograph Record, March 1976

LOU REED is back. Coney Island Baby is the new wimp non-rock of the New Year. 'Crazy Feeling' is George Harrison Meets Buddy Holly's 'Everyday'. ...

Tori Amos: So You Found A Girl Who Thinks Really Deep Thoughts

Interview by Kim Fowley, BAM, March 1994

THE PROSTITUTES who work at Nevada's infamous Chicken Ranch brothel, just outside of Las Vegas, once raved to me about Tori Amos's debut Atlantic LP, ...

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