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Larry Sloman

Larry Sloman

Larry "Ratso" Sloman wrote for Rolling Stone during the first half of the '70s, and also for Crawdaddy and Creem in the same era. His Heavy Metal column "Ratso's Pallazo" ran in 1985. He is also a bestselling author whose work includes On the Road With Bob Dylan, Scar Tissue with Anthony Kiedis, and Private Parts and Miss America with Howard Stern. His book The Secret Life of Houdini inspired Nick Cave to dedicate Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! to him, although Larry claims no relationship to the Larry in that song.

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Lou Reed's New Deco-Disk: Sledgehammer Blow to Glitterbugs

Report and Interview by Larry Sloman, Rolling Stone, 27 September 1973

NEW YORK — At 10 AM on a muggy New York morning, in Studio A of the Record Plant, a slight, dark, intense young man ...

Bob Dylan, Eric Weissberg: Blood on the Tracks: Dylan Looks Back

Report and Interview by Larry Sloman, Rolling Stone, 21 November 1974

NEW YORK — It looked like old times at Columbia's A&R Studio September 16th. John Hammond Sr. was there, Phil Ramone was working the board. ...

J. Geils Band: Still Looking at the Purse

Report and Interview by Larry Sloman, Rolling Stone, 16 January 1975

NEW YORK — "We have just begun to fight," bellows Peter Wolf, lead singer and songwriter for the J. Geils Band, banging his fist to ...

George Harrison: George's Tour Winds Down in New York, and Mr. Harrison Goes to Washington

Report and Interview by Larry Sloman, Rolling Stone, 30 January 1975

NEW YORK — George Harrison scream sings 'Sue Me, Sue You Blues', a song born and bred in this city, to a nearly packed Madison ...

Joan Baez, T Bone Burnett, Bob Dylan, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Allen Ginsberg, Roger McGuinn, Bob Neuwirth, Phil Ochs, Scarlet Rivera, Mick Ronson: Bob Dylan and Friends on the Bus: Like a Rolling Thunder

Report by Larry Sloman, Rolling Stone, 4 December 1975

NEW YORK — It was four o'clock on a brandy-soaked October Thursday morning in Greenwich Village as about 20 friends and assorted hangers-on gathered in ...

Grinderman: On the Road With Grinderman

Report and Interview by Larry Sloman, Spin, 14 December 2010

Ratso Sloman takes SPIN behind the scenes with Nick Cave and his travelling band of merrymakers. ...

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