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Neil Perry

Neil Perry

Neil Perry wrote for Sounds from 1985 until 1989 before moving on to write for Melody Maker, Select and Kerrang. Following a short-lived foray into PR at Southern Studios, where he looked after press for the Jesus Lizard, Babes In Toyland and Big Black among many others, he worked for NME and Vox. In 1995 he joined Volume, which he maintains was the most fun anyone could ever have in an office situation, and remained there until its sad demise in 1997. In 1998 he joined the staff of the fledgling Guardian website, eventually becoming Night Editor on the news desk. He spent almost a decade there before moving to Oslo, Norway, in 2007. He is now making a return to freelance journalism.

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AC/DC: Who Dares Wins

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 12 July 1986

Meet AC/DC, terror monarch Stephen King's favourite band and the bane of America's moral majority. NEIL PERRY takes his hat off to them ...

AC/DC, The Black Crowes, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Queensrÿche: AC/DC, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Queensrÿche, Black Crowes: Monsters of Rock, Castle Donington, Leicestershire

Live Review by Neil Perry, Melody Maker, 24 August 1991


Anthrax: 'Thrax of Life

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 14 November 1987

Metal stars ANTHRAX take NEIL PERRY on the Italian Job — and present the sober philosophy of their growing success ...

Anthrax: Palatrussardi, Milan

Live Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 7 November 1987


Anthrax, Public Enemy: Anthrax: Bohemian Rapsody

Interview by Neil Perry, Melody Maker, 22 June 1991

When metal meets rap in the form of ANTHRAX and CHUCK D, there's bound to be some trouble. NEIL PERRY hears about the fight for ...

Big Black: Songs About F****** (Blast First BFFP 19/CD)*****

Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 12 September 1987


Black Flag: Damaged (SST 007) ****/In My Head (SST 045) *****

Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 16 November 1985

THE ELECTRIC box in the corner is getting as tedious as the night is getting chilly. Cold comfort indeed, and time to slip on something ...

Crass: a Militant Tendency?

Interview by Hugh Fielder, Neil Perry, Sounds, 25 October 1986

Two years ago CRASS couldn't decide whether to blow up the country or grow cabbages — fortunately for the Tory Tyrants, they chose the latter. ...

Faith No More: Whistle Down The Wind… Hear My Train a'Comin'

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 23 January 1988

The dancefloor heavy metal of FAITH NO MORE makes them one of the prime contenders for '88 and the lyrics of vocalist Chuck Mosely penetrate ...

Gaye Bykers on Acid: Hail Mary and Three How's Your Fathers!

Report and Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 14 May 1988

GAYE BYKERS ON ACID might hove dug a hole for themselves with their debut LP, but their new material, showcased on tour in the USA, unearths bykerdelia ...

Gene Tryp, Icicle Works: Icicle Works/Gene Tryp: Marquee Club, London

Live Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 26 October 1985

AMERICAN. Guitar. Psychedelic. These are words that have been uttered in the same sentence as Gene Tryp. ...

Killing Joke: The Fatal Curse of Killing Joke

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 22 November 1986

With the release of KILLING JOKE'S new LP, NEIL PERRY finally gets the chance to do what no sane person would volunteer for — that ...

Kyuss: Sky Valley (Elektra)

Review by Neil Perry, Vox, August 1994

HAILING FROM THE golf-crazed, blue-collar Californian oasis of Palm Springs, the almost surreally heavy Kyuss apparently honed their ferociously stoned metallic vibe with "generator parties", ...

The Leather Nun: The Vikings Are Coming

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 9 May 1987

THE LEATHER NUN are going to rape your houses and pillage your women. NEIL PERRY looks forward to the event. ...

Malcolm McLaren: Formula McLaren

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 24 August 1985

Back from the land where crucifixes bang against bellies, Malcolm McLaren — punk progenitor and down to present that ill-fated Tube Special — pushes back ...

Megadeth: Hammersmith Odeon, London

Live Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 28 May 1988


Metallica: Battle Hymns Of The Metal Warriors

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 12 September 1987

They've stomped on the rotting corpse of heavy metal and moved from cult status to world acclaim, and now METALLICA have crashed into the singles ...

Metallica: At The Mercy Of The Master

Report and Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 11 October 1986

Something sad and inexplicable has happened to METALLICA, a band who were in full flight until bassist Cliff Burton was tragically killed in a road ...

The Mission: The Maturing of The Mission

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 6 February 1988

Following a hectic and often hair-raising year, including four months spent aboard a bus touring the States, THE MISSION are propelling themselves into 1988 with a new ...

The Mission, Sisters of Mercy: Sisters Of Mercy: The Man Who Told The World

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 19 September 1987

Two years in the twilight world, ANDREW ELDRITCH hits back with the 1987 SISTERS OF MERCY. In this interview with NEIL PERRY he discusses his acrimonious split ...

Sinead O'Connor: Skinhead And Scum-Stampers; A Short Sharp Shock

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 2 January 1988

That's how emancipated Irish singer SINEAD O'CONNOR dealt with a record company suggestion that she should 'tart herself up'. NEIL PERRY comes to terms with ...

The Pogues: If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Pogue Mahone)*****

Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 16 January 1988


Primus: Pork Soda (Interscope 7567922572) KKK

Review by Neil Perry, Kerrang!, 1 May 1993

THREE Ks, BUT a warning; hardened fans of what we shall call Traditional Metal would rather feed their family pets to Glen Benton than sit ...

Psychic TV: A Star Reborn

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 13 September 1986

From his bizarre explanation of tattoos to his obsessive faith in causes, PSYCHIC TV's Genesis P-Orridge is the very definition of complexity. As willing disciple ...

Psychic TV: The Genesis P-Orridge stitch up — Is This Man Sick?

Report and Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 13 August 1988

NEIL PERRY goes behind enemy lines to discover the truth behind The People's expose off Psychic TV's GENESIS P-ORRIDGE ...

Pulp: Falcon, Camden, London

Live Review by Neil Perry, Sounds, 5 March 1988

IN AN ideal world Pulp would already be serenading kings and queens, taking up residencies on Broadway and returning their OBEs; world domination takes time, ...

Rush: …Cashing In

Interview by Neil Perry, Sounds, 23 November 1985

What do you do when you're late for the bus? RUSH, that's what. NEIL PERRY did it, like a tortoise. And DOUGLAS CAPE followed, like ...

Slayer: Always Crashing In The Same Carnage

Interview by Neil Perry, Melody Maker, 9 November 1991

Are SLAYER Satanic High Priests who revel in gore or misunderstood philanthropists to a nihilistic generation? NEIL PERRY joins them in the London Dungeon and ...

Slayer: Seasonal Greetings: Slayer: Seasons In The Abyss (Def American) *****

Review by Neil Perry, Select, November 1990

ALL THE BIG BOYS have come out to prove themselves this year. Following recent triumphant reaffirmations of metallic prowess from Anthrax and Megadeath, a sledgehammer ...

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