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Paul Gorman

Paul Gorman was born the youngest of six in north west London. He has written for a wide variety of publications from the Evening Standard, the Daily Telegraph and the Radio Times to Heat and Mojo. In the early '90s Gorman was based in LA running the west coast bureau of film trade magazine Screen International. He later became contributing editor at Music Week and Music Business International, for whom he travelled to music business symposia from Hong Kong, Singapore, Tel Aviv and Johannesburg to LA, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and Manchester. He also interviewed and wrote features on the gamut of recording artistes from David Bowie, Ronan Keating, Peter Andre, Shane MaGowan and the Sex Pistols, to Cher, Bjork, Cornershop, and Elvis Costello.

Gorman, who has been described by leading music critic Simon Reynolds as "suspiciously dapper and small-faced", has spent a day at Enya’s charming Gothic pile outside Dublin, taken herbal tea in Chatham with Billy Childish, asked to display his underwear to the Spice Girls (in their first ever interview), shadowed U2’s manager Paul McGuinness for an absinthe-soaked spell on the eastern European leg of their Popmart tour and been offered outside by Steven "Seething" Wells for suggesting that "hating" the BPI might be a waste of energy.

Gorman has three entries in Brian Eno’s diary A Year with Swollen Appendices, has driven El Vez’s two-tone ’56 Bel Air while under the influence and had his hair cut next to Tom Waits. Dave Rimmer, another leading music critic, once said of Gorman: "Nobody’s ever heard of him."

Gorman has published the following books:

o The Look: Adventures In Pop & Rock Fashion (Sanctuary 2001)

o In Their Own Write: Adventures In The Music Press (Sanctuary 2001)

o Goldie: Nine Lives (Hodder & Stoughton 2002)

He is currently working on the following books:

o Let’s Make This Precious: The Definitive Story Of Dexy’s Midnight Runners (Virgin, to be published November 2003).

o And Another Thing... [working title] by Boy George (Century, to be published March 2004).

Gorman is also acting as creative consultant on the reformation of Dexy’s Midnight Runners this summer. He lives in Maida Vale, west London, and his interests include gardening, cycling, tattoos, working out and the development of "punk moroccan" interior design.


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ABBA, Charlotte Church, Donovan, The Dubliners, Bob Dylan, David Essex, Fleetwood Mac, Kim Fowley, Jimi Hendrix, Lalo Schifrin, Paul Simon, The Stooges, The Who, Robbie Williams, Lena Zavaroni: Mike Ross-Trevor: "Are We Rolling?"

Interview by Paul Gorman, Word, The, May 2004

In forty years of recording everyone from Dylan and Hendrix to Abba and Lena Zavaroni, a studio engineer sees a lot of strange things. ...

Antony & the Johnsons: Antony & The Johnsons: Islington Academy, London

Live Review by Paul Gorman, MOJO, January 2005

The extraordinary NYC androgyne - whose in-concert performances make Lou Reed cry - receives a stiffer-lipped but no less rapturous London reception. ...

Björk: Post-Post: Bjork goes Homogenic

Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1997

"I LOVE MY job sometimes," cackles Bjork down the line from Miami. ...

David Bowie on the Outside

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1995

THE CRITICAL AND commercial disappointment which has greeted David Bowie's output since the crossover success of 1983's Let's Dance would have forced a less adventurous ...

David Bowie: Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, January 1997

THERE'S NOTHING the media loves more than an anniversary and David Bowie's 50th birthday on January 8 offered ample opportunity for career retrospectives and dissections ...

Boy George: Straight: An Introduction

Book Excerpt by Paul Gorman, Century Books, 2005

GEORGE ISN'T GOOD in the mornings. He strides out of his room, straight back, arms paddling by his side, in black. He catches your eye. ...

Johnny Cash

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1995

HE’S BACK IN BLACK...again. And, as ever, he means business. Johnny Cash, the original rock'n'roll spectre lets loose the leashes with new album Unchained, covering ...

Catatonia: Welsh Pioneers Come Into Their Own

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1996

THESE DAYS, when it seems you can't throw a stick in the music industry without hitting a Welsh act, Catatonia are in the unusual position ...

Cher: Daring To Be Different

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1995

CHER'S NEW ALBUM It's A Man's World may well have the most apt, albeit ironically stated, title of the year. For her first project for ...

Billy Childish: And In His Spare Time… Billy Childish

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, MOJO, June 1995

JAMES BROWN CAN stick his tag as "the hardest working man in showbiz". When it comes to the most productive performer in punk, painting and ...

Cassius Clay: "Nobody is going to beat me": Cassius Clay's I Am The Greatest!

Sleeve and programme notes by Paul Gorman, Rev-Ola Records, 1998

AUTHOR'S 2016 NOTE: I was commissioned to write these sleeve-notes by Joe Foster for his label Rev-Ola's 1998 reissue of I Am The Greatest, the ...

El Vez: Greetings From Graciasland: El Vez

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, MOJO, May 1995

TAKE A LIBERAL DOSE of Chicano consciousness and apply it to fully-realised musical pastiche, and what do you have? El Vez, the Mexican Elvis, no ...

Enya: Memory Of Enya

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1996

ENSCONCED INSIDE her specially built Aigle Studio in the swish Dublin suburb of Dalkey, Enya pauses to explain why she chose this particular location, with ...

Mick Farren: Memories of Mick Farren: An entertaining afternoon in West Hollywood and a champagne-drenched night in Islington

Memoir by Paul Gorman, Rock's Backpages, 31 July 2013

GROWING UP IN London in the '60s and '70s with an interest in the counterculture, music and street politics meant that the shaggy-headed figure of ...

Serge Gainsbourg: Old Cabbage Head Is Back: Serge Gainsbourg

Retrospective by Paul Gorman, MOJO, August 1996

"I WOULD LIKE to fuck 'er." With these six words, slurred in the heaviest of French accents, Serge Gainsbourg sealed his reputation as the scourge ...

Nick Heyward, Terry Hall: Godfathers of Britpop? Terry Hall and Nick Heyward

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1995

FOR ARTISTS WHO came to prominence during the early '80s boom in British music, the dramatic rise in popularity of the clutch of homegrown acts ...

Humble Pie, Steve Marriott: Very ‘Eavy: Remembering Steve Marriott and 'Umble Pie

Retrospective by Paul Gorman, Rock's Backpages, December 2003

IT SEEMS inconceivable now, but Humble Pie were once very, very big, albeit for a short while. In recent years – post-Loaded, post-Britpop, post-lad, post-PC ...

Iggy Pop: Doggie Style: Iggy Pop

Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, January 1996

IT’S BEEN SAID before but bears repeating once Iggy Pop is witnessed at the close quarters of his cramped bedroom in London’s Halcyon Hotel: If ...

Finley Quaye: Well-Connected Hopeful

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1996

HE'S JUST TURNED 23, he's talented and he's handsome. He claims that Tricky's his nephew, Iggy Pop visits him in the studio and A Guy ...

The Spice Girls: Taking On The Britboys: Spice Girls

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, April 1996

JUST WHEN BOYS with guitars threaten to rule pop life - Damon's all over Smash Hits, Ash are big in Big! and Liam can't move ...

Johnny Thunders: Born To Lose: A Film About Johnny Thunders

Report by Paul Gorman, MOJO, 1998

NINETEEN YEARS in gestation, Born To Lose – which matches the addled life and times of its subject Johnny Thunders by being simultaneously intriguing and ...

Jah Wobble: Ex-Punk Turned Musical Innovator

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, Music Week, 1994

AS HE POINTED out on the song 'Becoming Closer To God' last year, Jah Wobble is "far more than a long-lost anagram" these days. ...

List of genre pieces

Barney Bubbles

Book Excerpt by Paul Gorman, 'Reasons To Be Cheerful' (Adelita), 2008

DESPITE HIS WISH for anonymity, Barney Bubbles' profile was rising high in 1978 on the back of the graphic wit, invention and clarity delivered over ...

Know Your NME!

Book Excerpt by Paul Gorman, Sanctuary Press, 2001

Paul Gorman's In Their Own Write: Adventures in the Music Press (Sanctuary Press) was an oral history of rock journalism in Britain and America – ...

LA's Glam Revival And The Glitzy Return of Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, MOJO, March 2000

SOMETHING STRANGE is happening on the streets of Los Angeles. Glam-metal kids, 17 years out of date, are back walking the streets. Ambivalent Bowie-esque sexuality ...

Life after the NME: Nick Logan's journey from Smash Hits to The Face

Book Excerpt by Paul Gorman, 'The Story of The Face' (Thames & Hudson), November 2017

PAUSING TO MAKE his last appointment in the form of Danny Baker, fresh from punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue, Nick Logan handed in his notice as ...

Publish and be Damned: The Decline and Fall of the UK Music Press

Overview by Paul Gorman,, Summer 2002

WHAT’S UP WITH the music press? The once proud sector of the British media, created from the unholy union of the 60s underground and the ...

The Capri-Collared Shirt: King's Road and the birth of British punk in the late '70s

Memoir by Paul Gorman,, 2004

IN 1973 ONE of my older brothers, Timothy, started work at a shop called Domidium in the Kings Road, just ahead of the curve of ...

The Million-Pound Mod: John Stephen

Obituary by Paul Gorman, unpublished, February 2004

JOHN STEPHEN – who died on February 1 aged 69 – was the "£1m Mod" who was a vital element in the look of the ...

The Origins Of The Tits Tee

Retrospective by Paul Gorman, Rock's Backpages, February 2013

MALCOLM MCLAREN'S adaptation of the infamous Tits t-shirt is one of punk's most familiar designs, as applied by he and Vivienne Westwood to shirts sold ...

Blues Explosion

Retrospective by Paul Gorman, MOJO, October 2002

FOR MANY A PUNK CHANCER, CRED comes with claims of attending the Sex Pistols' brace of gigs at Manchester's Lesser Free Trade Hall in the ...

Holy Toledo: The Hines Farm Blues Club

Retrospective by Paul Gorman, MOJO, May 2000

Midnight movers, Ohio players, Gypsy Angels and Atomic Pirates gathered at the Hines Farm juke joint. Paul Gorman pays a visit. ...

In His Own Right: Ian MacDonald

Interview by Paul Gorman, unpublished, March 2001

I INTERVIEWED Ian MacDonald for my music press history In Their Own Write in March 2001. As charming, tolerant and insightful as the first-class prose ...

Joe Foster’s Rev-Ola

Report and Interview by Paul Gorman, MOJO, 1995

Home Taping Is Saving Music From The Shaggs to... Bruce Forsyth? Joe Foster’s Rev-Ola label, born of "frenzied tape-swapping," is home to all manner ...

Mod: The Essential Albums

Guide by Paul Gorman, MOJO, May 2004

MOD'S FASTIDIOUS nature dictates that the path between purism and pedantry is oft-trod. Were the Birds arty r&b enthusiasts, more allied to the scruffy Stones ...

Strange New Ways To Kill A Rock Critic

Overview by Paul Gorman, MOJO, September 1994

PREHENSILE Monkey-Tailed Skink? Screeching Weasel? PopDefect? Anus The Menace? ...

The Army’s Mystery Pop Artist

Report by Paul Gorman, MOJO, 2003

THE UNEARTHING IN central London of a series of stunning images of rock icons from the early ‘70s has sparked a search for a mystery ...

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