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Steve Mascord

Steve Mascord parachuted into rock writing at the height of late-eighties hard rock excess and departed as soon as Kurt Cobain purchased his first cardigan. From his base in Sydney, Australia, his stories caused Axl Rose to chuck support band Kings Of The Sun out of an arena, made Jon Bon Jovi aware that Nikki Sixx wanted to fight him and led to Poison's 'groupie computer' being mentioned in Queensland Parliament. He visited Bret Michaels at home, stood on stage at Rock In Rio in front of 200,000 people, was involved in the longest phone interview in Living Colour's entire career and chronicled the resurgence of great Oz Rock bands like The Angels and Rose Tattoo. No act was too loud, no hairdo too stupid. Steve used to look like a sportswriter and do stories on heavy metal musicians. Today - some of his friends claim - it is the exact opposite.

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Guns N' Roses: Slash and The Cash

Interview by Steve Mascord, On The Street, 7 December 1988

BLINK, AND you'll miss a band being compared to the Rolling Stones. Everyone from the Monkees to Crowded House to your local pub group have ...

Jane's Addiction: Something's Shocking

Interview by Steve Mascord, Hot Metal, April 1989

"Camera's got them images, Camera's got them all, Showed me everybody, naked and disfigured, Nothing's Shocking."  — From 'Ted, Just Admit It', Jane's Addiction ...

Poison: We're Big Down Under!

Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 26 August 1989

Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Neighbours, Rolf Harris (and his Stylophone), Skippy, Rupert Murdoch... these days, there's no escaping the ongoing onslaught of dodgy Australian 'culture'. ...

Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe: Jon Bon Jovi: Cosa Glasnostra

Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 11 November 1989

After all the dirt dished out by Mötley Crüe about Moscow, Doc McGhee and the New Jersey Syndicate Jon Bon Jovi has at last decided ...

Winger: 'I Want The Cover Of Kerrang!'

Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 16 December 1989

At the end of a 190 date world tour, WINGER retired to Australia to crack a few tubes, catch a few rays, and laze around ...

Bon Jovi, Mötley Crüe: Motley Crüe : Moscow Festival – Crüe Still Peace-d off with Bon Jovi

Report and Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 13 January 1990

The feud goes on: Nikki Sixx brands JBJ a 'lying asshole' and challenges him to a fist-fight! ...

Mötley Crüe: Feeling Minnesota

Interview by Steve Mascord, Juke, 28 April 1990

Mötley Crüe might have kicked their drugs but their chase for the Ultimate Thrill remains relentless. ...

Kiss: The Curse of the Sphinx

Report and Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 16 June 1990

In the inauspicious surroundings of small town America it sounds like a storm is brewing. It's the eve of the new KISS world tour and ...

Dan Reed Network: To Baldly Go…

Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 14 July 1990

Where no King Of Funk Metal has gone before. That's DAN REED's avowed intention, and who would bet against him achieving this otherwordly aim? With ...

Yngwie Malmsteen: Enmore Theatre, Sydney

Live Review by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 4 August 1990

Techno wizard of Ox ...

Vinnie Vincent: Confessions Of A Dictatorial Megalomaniac

Interview by Steve Mascord, Kerrang!, 15 December 1990

Since he left Kiss, and the Vinnie Vincent Invasion split, life has been tough for VINNIE VINCENT, but in the New Year he will return ...

Def Leppard: Cherry Pie In The Name Of Love

Profile and Interview by Steve Mascord, On The Street, 5 May 1992

"I DON'T think there’s any danger we’re going to turn into Journey or Foreigner because they never had balls, those bands," Joe Elliott's Yorkshire twang ...

Mötley Crüe: Bounty Or Mutiny?

Interview by Steve Mascord, AOR, November 2011

"I REALLY DON'T understand what Mick's talking about. Maybe he took the wrong pill that day." ...

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