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Steven Ward

Steven Ward

Steven Ward is a staff online writer and metro reporter at The Baton Rouge Advocate as well as a freelance music writer. He is senior editor at and has had music writing published in Las Vegas Weekly, Harp, Classic Rock, The Boston Phoenix, Louisiana Life Magazine, Offbeat and the webzines, and Ward, who was raised in New Orleans, now lives in Baton Rouge with his wife Nisey and their daughter Audrey.


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Lester Bangs, Warren Zevon: What ever happened to rock critic Paul Nelson? An Interview

Interview by Steven Ward,, March 2000

ROCK WRITING WAS not the first choice of Paul Nelson. A pioneer of rock criticism, and one of its most talented practitioners, Nelson (who cites ...

Blue Oyster Cult: Rock Criticism as Brain Surgery: Deborah Frost Looks Back

Interview by Steven Ward,, June 2002

MUSICIAN/SONGWRITER Deborah Frost took a little break in the early '70s from a gig with an all-girl band that lasted until the early '90s. ...

Ray Davies, Donald Fagen, David Gilmour, Van Morrison: Rock of the Aged: Morrison, Gilmour, Davies, Fagen

Review by Steven Ward, Las Vegas Weekly, March 2006

YOU KNOW WHAT Van Morrison, David Gilmour, Ray Davies and Donald Fagen have in common, besides their royal rank in rock geezerdom? They have new ...

Peter Gabriel: Peter Gabriel [2]

Review by Steven Ward, PopMatters, December 2003

FIRST, THERE'S THE voice. It's a scratchy tenor. Peter Gabriel was only 28 when he recorded his second solo album in 1978. I'm sure his ...

Marillion: An Interview With Pete Trewavas

Interview by Steven Ward, PopMatters, June 2003

MARILLION MAY BE the best-kept secret in rock. Formed in London in 1981, Marillion started out like any other young band. The band members, including ...

The Rolling Stones: The True Adventures of Stanley Booth: An email interview with the Stones' greatest chronicler

Interview by Steven Ward,, August 2000

STANLEY BOOTH IS one hell of a writer. The evidence is clear once you pick up his book on the world's greatest rock ‘n' roll ...

Rick Wright: Shine On, Rick Wright

Obituary by Steven Ward, Blurt, September 2008

FOUNDING PINK FLOYD keyboardist Rick Wright is playing the great gig in the sky right now. Maybe Syd Barrett is watching from the wings of ...

Yusuf: An Other Cup

Review by Steven Ward, Las Vegas Weekly, November 2006

WHEN I FIRST heard the sweet-sounding chorus, "I go where true love goes/I go where true love goes" from 'Heaven/Where True Love Goes' on the ...

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A Rousing Interview of Self-affirmation with John Mendelssohn, King of L.A.

Interview by Steven Ward,, March 2001

ALTHOUGH NO one has written a biography about him, portrayed him in a movie, or released a collection of his rock writing, John Mendelssohn's name ...

Anthony DeCurtis: Populist at Large

Interview by Steven Ward,, November 2000

ANTHONY DECURTIS never liked the rock writing of Lester Bangs. He never read Creem. After 20 years, DeCurtis still writes for Rolling Stone and still loves and defends ...

Chuck E… So Addictive: Voice Music Editor in His Second Interview

Interview by Steven Ward,, March 2002

ROCK CRITIC Chuck Eddy. Love or hate? Let us count the ways… ...

El David: Saint Dalton Shoots His Mouth Off

Interview by Steven Ward,, May 2001

DAVID DALTON WAS a founding editor of Rolling Stone magazine. In between 1968 and 1971, Dalton penned Rolling Stone cover stories on Little Richard, James Brown and Elvis Presley. ...

Enduring the noise: Martin Popoff Pops Off on Heavy Metal, Rock Criticism, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Interview by Steven Ward,, July 2000

IF CHUCK EDDY is heavy metal's bastard child, Martin Popoff is its favourite son. Popoff, 37, has been writing about metal for more than a ...

From Hard Rock to Rock of Ages: Former Hit Parader Writer, Father Charley Crespo

Interview by Steven Ward,, February 2002

BACK IN THE '70s and '80s, Charley Crespo frequented the rock clubs of New York and New Jersey gathering info for his fan-obsessed dispatches for ...

He Got a TV Eye on You: The Ken Tucker Interview

Interview by Steven Ward,, December 2000

ONE DAY, BACK in 1974, a Lower East Side resident named Ken Tucker wrote Village Voice music editor Robert Christgau an angry letter because the Voice wasn't covering the ...

Part-Time Writer: Tom Smucker Keeps Us Hangin' By the Telephone

Interview by Steven Ward,, October 2000

TOM SMUCKER writes about music when he wants to. I wish he would "want to" more than he does. ...

Richard Riegel: From Jester to Lester

Interview by Steven Ward,, March 2001

THERE WAS A TIME when Richard Riegel worried about his idolization of a friend. Worshipping a friend, co-worker and colleague doesn't really sound too healthy, ...

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