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Susin Shapiro

Susin Shapiro

Born at a very early age, Susin Shapiro (now Susin Fair) broke into rock and rolldom at Crawdaddy, went on to the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Circus, Sounds, the Daily News in NYC… and in 1993 began a 20-year stint at the New York Times as S.S. Fair... awesomeness reincarnate! 

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The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper Hits the Road

Report by Susin Shapiro, Crawdaddy!, February 1975

NEW YORK — It had to happen. The formation of a road show with the music of Lennon and McCartney had to be money in ...

J.J. Cale Knocks Himself Out

Report and Interview by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 14 February 1977

J.J. CALE IS not smiling. He hasn't smiled for 53 minutes of his set at My Father's Place. The set — highlights from all four ...

The Cramps: Palladium, New York

Live Review by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 12 November 1979

PUNK AND PUMPKINS at the Palladium, turned for a night into a seance for Houdini. Garish garb and glorious: the human Quaalude, a walking cassette ...

Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music: Bryan Ferry: a perverse romance

Profile by Susin Shapiro, New York Daily News, 15 April 1979

BRYAN FERRY, born in Newcastle, England, would make a perfect matinee idol. But though he has all the attributes — handsome, suave, with a slow-spreading, ...

Bob Marley & the Wailers, Judy Mowatt: Judy Mowatt: The Grateful Dread

Profile and Interview by Susin Shapiro, Viva, November 1977

IN CORNERS cut off from the rude-boy violence in poor black Jamaican communities, reggae music took seed, an offshoot of calypso, ska, R&B, and, further ...

Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Kate and Anna McGarrigle: Kate and Anna McGarrigle (Warner Bros.)

Review by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 16 February 1976

Kate and Anna Carry Through ...

The Ramones: Grins and Groans with the Ramones

Profile and Interview by Susin Shapiro, Sounds, 26 June 1976

Everyone in New York has got the Ramones bug. Some people like the punks, others hate them but they sure don't ignore them. Nor will ...

Lou Reed: Bottom Line, New York NY

Live Review by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 20 March 1978

A FUNNY THING happened to Milton on the way to Paradise. He discovered the devils to be more fascinating than the angels, and that gave ...

Boz Scaggs: Down Two then Left (Columbia JC 34729)

Review by Susin Shapiro, Rolling Stone, 23 February 1978

BOZ SCAGGS is a little like sex and show business. When he's good, he's very good, and when he's bad, he's not that bad. Down ...

Bob Seger: Rock 'n' Roll's Mr Nice Guy

Interview by Susin Shapiro, Sounds, 14 May 1977

He's modest, he's humorous, he cares for his fans and he says he's very dull... yes, he's BOB SEGER ...

Patti Smith: Somewhere, Over the Rimbaud

Profile and Interview by Susin Shapiro, Crawdaddy!, December 1975

NEW YORK – IT'S 8:30 a.m. on a fog-soup Friday, an indecent hour to be conducting an interview, much less making a record. ...

Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes: This Time It's for Real (Epic)

Review by Susin Shapiro, Circus, 8 September 1977

CERTAIN TRADITIONS should not be allowed to tarnish, and the tradition of bar bands is one of the populist heirlooms that should go on glowing ...

Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers: Max's Kansas City, New York NY

Live Review by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 4 September 1978

Johnny Thunders: D.O.A., L.A.M.F. ...

Dwight Twilley: Twilley Don't Grind

Profile by Susin Shapiro, The Village Voice, 17 October 1977

AWKWARDNESS IS the new vogue. No more smoothies and impeccables to make us feel 10-thumbed; clumsiness is the cornerstone of humanity, or so say the ...

Frank Zappa: Could a man who stamps on poodles and sings about lonely person devices become president of the US? asks Susie (spare the creamcheese) Shapiro

Interview by Susin Shapiro, Sounds, 18 December 1976

'Sure, but I'm not ready yet. I'd be a perfect President. I'd not only win, but I'd be good at the job.' Sez Frank Zappa ...

Frank Zappa: Zoot Allures

Review and Interview by Susin Shapiro, Gig, February 1977

A WRITER FRIEND of mine is fond of saying: "If you fear something enough don't run scared, confront it directly." The idea being that no ...

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