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Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare


Roger Miller & Little Jimmy Dickens: A Happy Thing Happened On Our Way To Hullabaloo

Report by Jane Heil, Hit Parader, April 1966

ISN'T THAT Roger Miller standing over on the sidelines at the Hullabaloo rehearsal? Are those tears in his eyes? What's he doing here, anyway; he isn't even ...

Bobby Bare: Hard Time Hungrys

Review by Bob Woffinden, New Musical Express, January 1976

In which BOBBY BARE, country singer of the '60's re-emerges with a bunch of Shel Silverstein songs and a socialism as potent as Keir Hardie's; ...

Bobby Bare: The Singles 1959-1969

Sleevenotes by Colin Escott, BMG International, 2001

AN OUTLAW before his time, a folk singer who never played a coffee house, a rock 'n' roller who gave away his biggest hit. Bobby ...

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