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Free on RBP

IN THE SPOTLIGHT — Life after Trout Mask ReplicaCaptain Beefheart interviews by Rick McGrath (Georgia Straight, 1971), Nick Kent (Frendz, 1972) and David Rensin (Rolling Stone, 1973). Plus Lester Bangs' sublime Creem review of Lick My Decals Off, Baby

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

THE WHITE STUFF — Lesley White befriends UB40 (Sounds, 1982), demystifies Dexys Midnight Runners (The Face, 1982) and puts the questions to Paul Weller (The Face, 1983)…

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Magazine Archive
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“People have always imagined that I’m a much more tortured person than I actually am. For the most part this has been a glorious life…”

Roy Orbison to Jon Wilde (1987) 

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