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Free on RBP

BEASTLY BOYS — Sounds' Phil Bell in Brum with Brit-metal monsters Iron Maiden (1982) and Creem's Karen Schlosberg in conversation with frontman Bruce Dickinson (left) in 1985. Plus Paul Elliott looks back at the iron age of N.W.O.B.H.M. a.k.a. the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

TOOTING HIS OWN HORN — Rob Chapman, author of the fab new Psychedelia & Other Colours, remembers King's Road also-rans Blossom Toes, looks back at 42 years of the Eurovision Song Contest and tells the extraordinary story of Sparks.

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“No one came down the chimney and said, ‘You may go to the ball’. I went to it myself and made the f**king clothes to go in…”

Boy George to Lesley White (The Face, 1984)

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