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Free on RBP

Free on RBP

IN THE COURT OF KING FRIPP — Marking the return of prog gods King Crimson, three irresistible interviews with Robert & chums: I.T.'s Mark Williams meets them in 1969, NME's Ian MacDonald visits Fripp in Dorset in '73, and Creem's Richard Grabel looks back with RF in '82…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

THE TEMPATIONS OF ST. ANTHONY — Éminence grise Anthony DeCurtis spends a day of Reckoning with R.E.M. (Record, 1984), revisits Jackson Browne's For Everyman (Rolling Stone, 1999) and discusses the highs of live performance with Prince (The Word, 2004).

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“How can anybody gay keep their sanity? Sometimes I feel like getting a gun out and shooting people…”

Lou Reed to Stephen Demorest (Creem, 1979)

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