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ME & MS. JONES — Marking the return of Norah Jones: Phil Sutcliffe meets her on the release of her zillion-shifting debut (Blender, 2002) and the Sunday Times' Robin Eggar interviews Ravi's little girl in 2004. PLUS Graeme Thomson puts ten questions to her in 2012…

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Almost Famous

TRUE STORIESJerry "Everett True" Thackray prepares Britain for the arrival of Nirvana (Melody Maker, 1989), spars with Courtney Love, above (The Stranger, 1999), and offers his Top 10 myths about Grunge (Guardian, 2011).

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“I left school a year ago and was flung in at the deep end… I had very little time to get a hold of myself. ”

Helen Shapiro to June Harris (Disc, 1963)

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