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Free on RBP

SPACED OUT — Carol Clerk time-travels back to 1972 with cosmic rockers Hawkwind. Plus Sounds' Jerry Gilbert talks heavy riffs and more with co-founder Dave Brock (second from right) and NME's Mick Farren tours the USA with Lemmy (far right) and friends…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

TALK OF THE TOWN — London 1964: pop reporter Norman Jopling meets Phil Spector in an excerpt from his new memoir Shake It Up, Baby! Plus vintage Jopling encounters with the Beatles (Record Mirror, 1963) and Jimi Hendrix (Music Now, 1970)...

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“Blur’s hits were the worst things we did. Like ‘Tender’ – that's like something from Elvis’s fat period…”

Graham Coxon to Jon Wilde (2006)

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