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Free on RBP

Free on RBP

THE RIGHT AMBIENTS — Simon Reynolds talks to techno genius Aphex Twin in 1993 and Paul Lester meets him on Drukqs in 2001. Plus Nick Hasted on 20 years of ambient stronghold Warp Records

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

CAT SCRATCH FEVER — A feline expert's former life as a pop critic: Tom Cox sees Tricky live (Uncut, 1997), talks to Pete Townshend (Guardian, 1999) and revisits Dion's Spector-produced Born to be With You (Daily Telegraph, 2001).

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“I just hate wimpy women in rock: that’s the last place I wanna see a wimpy simpering little f***ing blond bitch that I’d like to smack down and annihilate…”

Lydia Lunch to David Stubbs (Melody Maker, 1988)

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