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MORE ARTICLES ABOUT… Collapsing New Buildings (a.k.a. Einstürzende Neubauten), hailed by Chris Bohn (NME, 1983) and Dele Fadele (NME, 1993). Plus Stephen Dalton sees Blixa and pals live and middle-aged in London (The Times, 2005)…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

THE BARBER OF SYDNEY — Transplanted Brit film critic Lynden Barber riffs with Robert Fripp (Melody Maker, 1981), hails hip hop forefathers the Last Poets (MM, 1984) and talks to Oz cult heroes the Triffids (MM, 1985).

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“We’ve been known to empty places out in three minutes. People might hate us, but they have to admit we live up to our name!”

— Suicide's Alan Vega to Toby Goldstein (Creem, 1981)

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