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Free on RBP

Free on RBP

MAD ABOUT THE GIRL(S) – The Divine Ms. Bette Midler, interviewed by Penny Valentine (Sounds, 1973) and Paul Rambali (NME, 1981). Plus Greil Marcus on Bette's beloved Girl Groups (Let It Rock, 1974)…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

THAT'S YER LOTT — Record Mirror classics by prizewinning novelist Tim Lott: interviews with a Heroic David Bowie (1977), "country punks" XTC (1978) and a report on L.A. soul label SOLAR Records (1980).

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“People like Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash should give it a rest. They’re too old! Imagine seeing your grandmother in the crowd going ‘Ho!’”

Roxanne Shanté to John McCready (NME, 1988)

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