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HIS BACK PAGES — Celebrating Bob Dylan at 75: the folk wonderboy gives his first interview in 1961 and the Sunday Times' Mick Brown meets him in Madrid in 1984. Plus the late Ian MacDonald's sublime "Wild Mercury" essay on the man from 2001 and Mick Gold's guide to Bob's 38 best albums

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

BEHIND THE SHADES OF GRAY — Arch-Dylanologist Michael Gray analyses Bob the Poet (Oz, 1967), raves about the majestic Blood on the Tracks (Let It Rock, 1975) and, with a heavy heart, trails "the Bobcat" to Stockholm in 2002…

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“Being a star is like having a big wall round you and you can’t get out. You can’t climb over it.”

Marianne Faithfull to Sylvia Stephens (Fabulous, 1964)

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