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Free on RBP

ELECTRIC DREAMER — Record Mirror's Robin Katz discusses Donna Summer and more with disco maestro Giorgio Moroder in 1977 and Greg Wilson muses on Moroder and Daft Punk in 2013. Plus a rare counterpoint to American Discophobia by Circus' John Swenson (1978)…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

COMES TO SHOVE — Christopher "Push" Dawes on Acid House (Melody Maker, 1988), Fugazi (MM, 1989) and Underworld (Muzik, 1996).

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Magazine Archive
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“I dreamt I was lying with my girlfriend and it was raining and the roof leaked and I got wet. That was what I meant by ‘Wet Dream’… ”

— Max Romeo to Alan Walsh (Melody Maker, 1969)

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