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Free on RBP

Free on RBP

TALKING DRUMMER — Steve Roeser tracks down legendary percussionist Remi Kabaka and discusses the Stones, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker et al with him. Plus Chris Welch hangs out with Ginger's Airforce (Melody Maker, 1970) and John Martyn talks about Remi, Inside Out and more with ZigZag's Andy Childs (1974)…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

UP FROM DOWN UNDER — Rock Australia Magazine (RAM) founder Anthony O'Grady (with fellow Oz RBP'er Debbie Kruger) hails "street punks" AC/DC (1975) and MC5/Stooges disciples Radio Birdman (1976). PLUS Anthony's infamous phone interview with a fascistic David Bowie (NME, 1975)…

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“People often ask me why I abandoned hip hop. To be honest, I think hip hop abandoned itself…”

Rick Rubin to Frank Owen (Spin, 1990)

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