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THE MIDNIGHT MOVER — In an excerpt from a new biography of the ultimate Soul Man, Tony Fletcher recounts the making of Wilson Pickett's timeless 1966 hit 'In the Midnight Hour'. Plus Pt. 1 of Michael Lydon's wonderful 1977 audio interview with the Wicked One … and Hit Parader's Jim Delehant discusses civil rights and more with Pickett in 1967.

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BANGS FOR YOUR BUCK — The greatest pop scribe of 'em all: the immortal Lester Bangs explains How to Be a Rock Critic (Shakin' Street Gazette, 1974) and converses with his beloved Captain Beefheart (Village Voice, 1980). Plus Lester's Creem colleague Richard Riegel recalls his first encounter with the great man…

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“There‚Äôs a place we used to play in Kentucky called Shady Brook. It had big monstrous spiders coming out of the piano...”

— Indiana man Lonnie Mack to Mike Gormley (Detroit Free Press, 1969)

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