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VAPOUR TALES — Ride and the ethereal rise of Shoegaze: Melody Maker's Chris Roberts hails the Oxford quartet in 1990 and Paul Lester takes stock of their ascent two years later. Plus the Guardian's Jude Rogers reports on the "Nu-Gaze" revival in 2007…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

THIS BUD'S FOR YOU — L.A. legend Bud Scoppa hangs out at the Byrds' (Untitled) sessions in L.A. (Circus, 1970), reviews Neil Young's dark masterpiece Tonight's the Night (Phonograph Record, 1975) and natters with Kings of Leon in Nashville (Uncut, 2007)…

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“What a lot of Rasta men can’t come to terms with is a militant woman who doesn’t conform to the Rasta image…”

Ariwa Posse's Slim Linton to Frank Owen (Melody Maker, 1986)

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