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Free on RBP

LOOK AT THE STARS — On the brink of their 'Yellow' breakthrough, Robin Bresnark introduces Coldplay to the readers of Melody Maker (1999). Plus Q's Dorian Lynskey meets the biggest band in the world in 2012 while asterisk king Mr. Agreeable f***ing loathes last year's Ghost Stories

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

COWGIRL IN THE SAND — Holly George-Warren reassesses Gram Parsons (No Depression, 1999), talks to swamp-rock king Tony Joe White (Harp, 2005) and unravels the mystery of 'Billie Joe' girl Bobbie Gentry (book excerpt, 2007).

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“Let me tell you about the average NME reader: long coats, shop in Camden market, listen to the Smiths on their own…”

Pete Waterman to Sean O'Hagan (NME, 1987)

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