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TIME WILL SHOW THE WISER — The cult of singer-songwriter Emitt Rhodes, back this week after 43 years of silence. Anne Moore meets the "perfect pop" genius in 1971 and Mark Leviton looks back on Emitt's '60s band the Merry-Go-Round and more in 1973. PLUS Erik Himmelsbach tracks down a depressed Rhodes in 2004…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

METAL GURUChristine "The Writer from Hell" Natanael (left, with rock siren Bebe Buell) enjoys a drink or three with Lemmy (Powerline, 1989), reminisces with Metallica's Lars Ulrich (Metal Mania, 1990) and interviews demonic singer/bassist Tom Araya ahead of Slayer's "Preaching to the Perverted" tour (Crusher, 2006).

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“I was lanky and I had braces on my teeth. I was pretty much a mess. Pulp has always been a vehicle for me to alter myself…”

 — Jarvis Cocker to Andrew Smith (The Face, 1995)

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