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Free on RBP

WHEREVER THEY MAY ROAM — How Metallica evolved from thrashing brats to stadium-packing Godzillas: Sounds' Neil Perry meets them on the eve of Cliff Burton's death in 1986, while the Boston Phoenix's Ted Drozdowski recalls a decade of close metallic encounters in 1997. PLUS Deborah Frost's exemplary essay on the band for their 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

THE MAN CAN'T BUST OUR MUSIC — A sometime EMI executive's earlier incarnation as a Disc & Music Echo scribe: David Hughes (in the fetching white sweater) reports on John Lennon's controversial caravan (1967), talks 'Patches' with visiting southern soul man Clarence Carter (1970) and drops in on Yes man Chris Squire in Notting Hill (1972).

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“I told him, ‘Just go out and say who you are’. So he went out and said ‘Hello, I'm Johnny Cash’. I turned on the tape and let the bitch roll… ”

— Nashville producer Bob Johnston to Alan Walsh (Melody Maker, 1968)

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