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DEMOLITION WOMAN — Disco diva turned cyber-androgyne Grace Jones profiled by Blues & Soul's David Nathan in 1977 and by NME's Chris Salewicz in 1981. Plus Ms. Jones looks back on her wild life with The Stool Pigeon's John Doran in 2008…

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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

STAR MAN — Rock critter turned songsmith-producer Jon Tiven casts a jaundiced eye over the works of David Bowie (Good Times, 1973), befriends Memphis contenders Big Star (Circus, 1974) and rises to the ZZ Top (Blast, 1976).

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“The impression of the group was that I was a dyke and they were all fags and we all beat each other…”

The Velvet Underground's Mo Tucker to Martin Hayman (Sounds, 1971)

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