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Eddy Grant

Eddy Grant


Eddy Grant: Living On The Ice Block

Interview by Vivien Goldman, Melody Maker, July 1979

How far can a black musician control his own destiny in white society? Surprise, surprise, not all the way, says the man in the front ...

Eddy Grant: The Venue, London

Live Review by Vivien Goldman, Melody Maker, February 1980

EDDY EARNED his slot in my Militant Section by delivering this rap onstage: "As a black artist here in England I've seen it rough, and ...

Eddy Grant: Killer On The Rampage

Review by Gavin Martin, NME, November 1982

HE'S A very admirable figure, is Eddy Grant; he's got the whole business sussed, sewn up, he really has. Each year he releases a few ...

Eddy Grant Does It California Style

Interview by R.J. Smith, Creem, January 1984

I JUST GOT my current issue of Processed World ("The magazine with the bad attitude"), and it's a winner. Written by and for the shitheels ...

Eddy Come Back: Eddy Grant and the Equals

Book Excerpt by Lloyd Bradley, Serpent's Tail Books, August 2013

AS THE 1970S progressed, the keys to the buoyant Afro- funk recording industry were two of black London's biggest music-business movers-and-shakers, Eddy Grant and Aki ...

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