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Faust: Return of a Legend: Munic & Elsewhere

Review by Biba Kopf, New Musical Express, January 1987

MEPHISTO CALLING. Good news – Faust are back. Released from a devil's pact with silence, they're noisily celebrating the repossession of their souls. A new ...


Krautrock: Germany Calling

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, December 1972

TIME WAS WHEN a sudden loud crash around West Germany was probably just an other F-One-Eleven. These days it's more likely to be the local ...

Krautrock: Germany Calling #3

Overview by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, December 1972

From Amon Düül to Faust's new sound-world ...

Faust and Foremost

Profile and Interview by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, March 1973

IT IS TWELVE noon, and in the smoky sunshine of a London afternoon a group of German longhairs are unloading a huge Mercedes truck full ...

Faust: The Sound of the Eighties

Comment by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, March 1973

A LOW buzzing sound, at first almost subliminal, emanates from a position somewhere between the twin stereo speakers. It wavers, hesitantly, from side to side ...

Faust: Rainbow Theatre, London

Live Review by Karl Dallas, Melody Maker, June 1973

LONDON'S RAINBOW looked like a Berliner Ensemble production of a rock musical version of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse 5. The stage backdrop had been raised, revealing ...

Faust: Faust IV (Virgin)

Review by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, October 1973

FAUST IV is the chronological successor of So Far (The Faust Tapes being from the period of the transparent album) and, as such, represents the ...

Faust: Sturm und Drang

Live Review by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, November 1973

Faust: The Guildhall, Plymouth ...

Ugly, vulgar, insulting — Zappa scores!

Review by Simon Frith, Let It Rock, November 1973

The Mothers: Overnite Sensation (Discreet)Faust: Faust IV (Virgin) ...

Faust: We're Just Trying To Be Here Now

Live Review by Ian MacDonald, New Musical Express, November 1973

Faust: Rainbow Theatre, London ...

Welcome To The Machine: Kraut Rock

Overview by John McCready, Face, The, November 1996

Julian Cope has championed it, new Nineties bands are ransacking it and the ageing German hippies that first created it are now packing in techno ...

Faust: Deconstructing the nuts, bolts and girders of rock - or simply having a smashing time?

Interview by Andy Gill, MOJO, April 1997

A DAY OR TWO after their Queen Elizabeth Hall concert, my ears are still ringing when I go to interview Jean-Hervé Peron, one of the ...


Retrospective by Andy Gill, MOJO, April 1997

IT'S SOMETIME IN THE BLEAK MIDWINTER OF 1973-4, and Faust are playing Sheffield City Hall. ...

The Faust Tapes: Faust Epiphany

Retrospective by Don Watson, Wire, The, September 2000

ONE OF THE EFFECTS of the rabid reissue programs that accompanied the CD revolution was to offer shrinkwrapped package tours into your teenage bedrom. Music, ...

Faust: Nosferatu Soundtrack, Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, October 2000

Interludes With A Vampire   ...

Faust: The Wumme Years 1970-1973

Review by Rob Chapman, MOJO, November 2000

A 5-CD BOX SET comprising the band’s first two Polydor LPs, Faust and So Far, and two further compilations of rarely heard material, BBC Sessions ...

Faust: The Wumme Years 1971-73

Review by Ian MacDonald, Uncut, May 2001

THERE'S STILL nothing quite like the first side of Faust's eponymous debut album, recorded in 1971 and released by a bemused Polydor in 1972. These ...

Epiphanies: Faust

Memoir by David Stubbs, Wire, The, March 2004

David Stubbs recalls early arousals caused by Faust's 'wonderful wooden reason' ...

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