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Heaven 17

Heaven 17


Heaven 17… Or Music For Business And Pleasure

Report and Interview by Ian Birch, Smash Hits, September 1981

BACK IN THE middle '70s, when punk snapped out of the woodwork, everyone wanted "complete control". It was a Robin Hood policy — steal from ...

Heaven 17: Pavement Artists

Interview by Betty Page, Sounds, October 1981

IN THE MANNER of any smooth operation worth its nuts and bolts, the British Electric Foundation chose to discuss the prospective publicity of one of ...

Heaven 17: Heaven CAN wait

Profile and Interview by Dave Rimmer, Smash Hits, February 1982

MAYBE IT'S something to do with the '80s computerised approach to pop. Or maybe it's a reflection of the hard business sense many young bands ...

Heaven 17: You Ware It Well

Report and Interview by Mark Cooper, Record Mirror, November 1982

THESE THREE men belong to neither pavement nor penthouse. Instead they've grown comfortable by the fireside. Heaven 17, Martyn Ware, Ian Craig Marsh and Glenn ...

Heaven 17: Heaven 17 (Arista)

Review by j. poet, Creem, May 1983

BACK IN 1980, after producing two terminally grim LPs that delighted morbid brooders worldwide, Human League split up trumpeting the usual clichés, vis-a-vis artistic differences ...

Heaven 17: Another Chapter In "The Rocky Road To The Top"

Interview by Ian Birch, Smash Hits, May 1983

"I KNEW The Human League were about to break. We'll take a lot longer but we'll do it in the end." ...

Heaven 17 Faces Right

Report and Interview by Jon Young, Trouser Press, September 1983

IF DICKENS HADN'T gotten there first, Great Expectations would be the perfect title for the saga of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. After their ...

Heaven 17

Interview by Johnny Black, Smash Hits, September 1983

Why was Glenn Gregory smashing windows? What's this about platform boots with five-inch heels? Who or what are The Underpants? Johnny Black gets to the ...

Room At The Top: Heaven 17

Interview by Fiona Russell Powell, Face, The, November 1983

The son of a Sheffield steel worker, Glenn Gregory's ambition was to become an actor. Instead he found himself playing the role of pop star ...

Heaven 17: Three Steps To Heaven

Interview by Richard Cook, New Musical Express, August 1984


Heaven 17: How Men Are (Virgin)

Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, September 1984

YOU KNOW the pokerwork proverb in every chippy/cab firm/newsagent in the country: "You don't have to be mad to work here…but it helps!" ...

Heaven 17: Endless

Review by David Quantick, New Musical Express, July 1986

EIGHTY-FIVE minutes of cassette, 68 of compact disc and no record – Heaven 17 continue the aspirations of the ironic yuppie with their Greatest Hits ...

Top Of The Pops and The '80s Brit Pop Boom

Overview by Stuart Maconie, Q, November 1994

YOU CAN tell if they're boys or girls these days, that's the trouble. Just look at them, these so-called modern pop phenomena. ...

ABC/Human League/Heaven 17: Hammersmith Apollo, London

Live Review by Paul Lester, Guardian, The, December 2008

THERE ARE QUEUES around the building for the Sheffield groups who brought electro-funk (Heaven 17), orchestral disco (ABC) and synth pop (the Human League) to ...

The Steel City Tour: Human League, ABC and Heaven 17 at the Hammersmith Apollo

Live Review by Daryl Easlea, Record Collector, February 2009

THE STEEL CITY TOUR is a thrilling glimpse of the once- future through the lens of the past. What these groups attempted in Sheffield at ...

Heaven 17: Penthouse and Pavement Revisited

Retrospective by Stephen Dalton, Times, The, November 2010

"SHEFFIELD HAS ALWAYS had a bit of a maverick attitude," says Martyn Ware of evergreen electro-pop veterans Heaven 17. "It's the natural bolshiness of the ...

Forgive Us Our Synths – How 80s Pop Found Favour Again

Overview by Dorian Lynskey, Guardian, The, November 2010

Ostentatiously intellectual and scornful of rock'n'roll cliche, the likes of OMD and Heaven 17 briefly set 80s pop alight – and now they're back in favour. ...

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