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Living Colour

Living Colour


Living Colour (1988)

Interview by Mat Snow, Rock's Backpages Audio, Fall 1988

The Black Rock pioneers debate race, the reclamation of rock by black musicians, and both the tensions and the possibilities contained by the cultural melting pot that is New York's Five Boroughs.

File format: mp3; in 2 parts, total file sizes: 56.5meg, total interview length: 1h 01' 39" sound quality: ***


Black Rock Coalition: Living Colour’s Vernon Reid

Interview by Mark Sinker, New Musical Express, April 1988

2005 NOTE: This piece is a mess, though the underlying concept was good, and besides, the whole paper was a mess at this stage. I ...

Living Colour: Nailing Their Colours To The Mast

Interview by Mat Snow, Sounds, September 1988

Living Colour's world vision may be in glorious technicolour, but they're the first to admit that a black rage sweeps through their music. Mat Snow ...

Living Colour: Time's Up

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Q, October 1990

LIVING COLOUR'S CHOICE of guest stars for their debut album Vivid was a significant one: Mick Jagger (who had produced their original demos and virtually ...

Living Colour: Stain (Epic)

Review by Charles Shaar Murray, Guitar World, March 1993

WHAT’S YOUR favourite colour? Between the death of Jimi Hendrix in 1970 and the arrival of Living Colour’s 1988 debut album Vivid, the hard rock ...

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