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Manhattan Transfer

Manhattan Transfer


Manhattan Transfer: Hunter College, New York NY

Live Review by Mike Jahn, New York Times, The, March 1971

Old Songs Receive A Rock Treatment At Hunter College ...

Manhattan Transfer: Manhattan Transfer

Review by John Mendelsohn, Rolling Stone, June 1975

ONLY THE MOST incorrigible boogie casualty could find the Manhattan Transfer less than quite uncommonly delightful onstage. ...

Paul Anka: Feelings/Manhattan Transfer: Manhattan Transfer

Review by Simon Frith, Let It Rock, September 1975

FIRST OF ALL there was that punky Canadian kid with the big voice and the tremor that even got to me ("Put your head on ...

Manhattan Transfer: Be-bopin' The Transfer Tradition

Interview by Jonh Ingham, Sounds, September 1975

Manhattan Transfer don't like being classed as a nostalgia band, they feel they're urban folk singers, singing music of the ghetto. Jonh Ingham talks to ...

Manhattan Transfer: Battling Against Nostalgia

Interview by David Hancock, National RockStar, March 1977

DAVID HANCOCK dons his gloves and his satin shorts, and goes a few brutal rounds with Alan Paul ...

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