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Michelle Shocked

Michelle Shocked


Michelle Shocked: Shock Tactics

Interview by Ralph Traitor, Sounds, October 1988

With her synthesis of folk and hardcore, Michelle Shocked has successfully created a new vehicle for political pop. Ralph Traitor tunes into the voice of ...

New Folk: Folk You

Report and Interview by Mark Kemp, Option, November 1988

IT'S ANOTHER sweaty, late June New York City Friday evening, and Michelle Shocked is walking eastward across Chinatown's busy Canal Street. ...

Michelle Shocked: Short, Sharp, Talented

Profile and Interview by Holly Gleason, Rolling Stone, November 1988

Is country-folk singer Michelle Shocked ready for stardom? ...

Michelle Shocked: Captain Swing

Review by Phil Sutcliffe, Q, December 1989

Short Sharp Shocked may have established a reputation as a serious radical, but it's her sheer exuberance that makes you pay attention. ...

Michelle Shocked's Americana

Interview by Robert Gordon, Creem, 1992

IT'S BEEN more than five years since Michelle Shocked became an international star by sitting around a Texas campfire and singing her songs into a ...

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