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Minor Threat

Minor Threat


Straight Edge

Report by Angus Batey, Dazed & Confused, March 2001

"I'm a person just like youBut I've got better things to doThan sit around and fuck my headHang out with the living deadSnort white shit ...

Ian MacKaye: Inventing Hardcore

Profile and Interview by Ben Myers, Careless Talk Costs Lives, March 2002

"These are our demands: we want control of our bodies. decisions will now be ours. you can carry out your noble actions, we will carry ...

Ian Mackaye meets Bad Brains and invents hardcore

Retrospective by Stevie Chick, Guardian, The, June 2011

NO MERE THREE-CHORD punk dullards, Washington DC's Bad Brains had chops to spare. They'd started as jazz-fusion quintet Mind Power, worshipping at the altar of ...

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