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Nico: Drama Of Exile (Aura)*****

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, July 1981

TANGLED UP in myth, perspective gets shot all to hell. Even the official biographical sheet accompanying this album repeats the old chestnut that John Cale ...


Andy Warhol: A Mirror Of American Death

Essay by Geoffrey Cannon, New Society, June 1968

The Andy Warhol and Robert Kennedy shootings, and the Velvets ...

1968: The Shaken City Walls

Overview by Geoffrey Cannon, Guardian, The, December 1968

"AN ELECTRIC caterwauling of power... burning it, flashing it, whirling it down some arc of consciousness, the sound screaming up to a climax of vibrations ...

Nico: Desertshore (Reprise)

Review by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, January 1970

IT'S FUNNY, isn't it: this time last year Nico arrived in London, played two quiet gigs at the Roundhouse, and a bare handful of people ...

Nico: The Marble Index

Review by Ben Edmonds, Fusion, June 1970

THIS ALBUM was released well over a year ago, sold very few copies, and has been confined to the dungeons of neglect. ...

Shards of Velvet Afloat in London: Nico and John Cale

Report and Interview by Robert Greenfield, Rolling Stone, February 1971

JOHN CALE REACHES too hard for the pay phone in the lobby of his hotel. Bang. It explodes into the soft corner of his forehead, ...

Nico: A Kind Of Frozen Purity

Profile by Lester Bangs, Fusion, November 1971

NICO IS one of the true enigmas of our time. Austere, elusive, a tall ghostly woman with an aura of utter loneliness and distance so ...

Last Drongo In Paris

Report by Nick Kent, New Musical Express, May 1974


Kevin Ayers/John Cale/Eno/Nico: June 1, 1974 (Island)

Review by Ira Robbins, Zoo World, October 1974

LIVE ALBUMS have become an abundant nuisance which bands seem to feel an obligation to produce every few years, often with no redeeming content. The ...

Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Nico & Eno: June 1,1974 (Island)

Review and Interview by Richard Cromelin, Creem, December 1974

Kevin Ayers, John Cale, Nico, Eno & the Soporifics: The Inmates Have Taken Over ...

Nico/Mike Heron: Imperial College, London

Live Review by Chris Salewicz, New Musical Express, February 1975

NICO DOES RATHER have an ability to polarize her audiences, you know. ...

Eno: The Monkey Wrench Of Rock Creates Happy Accidents On Tiger Mt.

Profile and Interview by Stephen Demorest, Circus, April 1975

One day Eno is going to formulate a theory that will make music melt out of the North Pole (maybe he'll do it with mirrors), ...

John Cale: Fear (Island); Nico: The End (Island)

Review by Mick Brown, Crawdaddy!, May 1975

ALONG WITH Lou Reed, John Cale and Nico were members of the first – and definitive – incarnation of the Velvet Underground. ...

Nico: The Marble Index

Review by Jon Savage, Sounds, September 1977

"FROZEN WARNINGS close to mine, close to the frozen borderline......" ...


Interview by Giovanni Dadomo, Sounds, April 1978

THE INTERVIEW took place in a neat flat high on Hampstead Hill. Nico looked much as she always has, dressed in short crushed velvet jacket ...

The Pop Group/LKJ/Nico/Cab Voltaire

Live Review by Richard Williams, Melody Maker, October 1978

Disorder by juxtaposition. Subversion by paradox. Nothing is as simple as we're told. New feelings. ...

The Pop Group/Nico/Linton Kwesi Johnson/Cabaret Voltaire: An Appraisal Of 'Next Year's Thing'

Live Review by Paul Morley, New Musical Express, October 1978

The Pop Group/Nico/Linton Kwesi Johnson/Cabaret Voltaire: Electric Ballroom, London ...

Strange Interlude With Nico

Interview by Jim Sullivan, Trouser Press, July 1979

SITTING IN the second floor cocktail lounge at Howard Johnson's, Nico drinks an afternoon breakfast of Bloody Marys and beer. It's a dreary overcast day ...

Nico: Bogart's, Cincinnati

Live Review by Richard Riegel, Creem, September 1980

Be Real Kraut For Me, Baby! ...

In The Nico Time

Interview by Chris Bohn, New Musical Express, Spring 1981

HEY-HO, is it really that time of the decade already? Once again Nico has surreptitiously floated into the public consciousness – just when she was ...

Nico: Do Or Die (Roir)

Review by Sandy Robertson, Sounds, December 1982

GIVEN THE Warhol crowd's former wailing buddy's penchant for affixing (ahem!) her name to contracts wherever she finds them without regard to previous moves, 'tis ...

Nico: When The Peroxide Fades

Live Review by Cynthia Rose, New Musical Express, January 1983

Nico: The Venue, London ...

Nico/1919: Brixton Ace, London

Live Review by Mat Snow, New Musical Express, June 1983

ALL'S BEEN quiet on the Killing Joke front for quite a while now, and it was only a matter of time before someone else got ...

Nico: Shrink Rap

Interview by uncredited writer, Melody Maker, July 1985

The column that straps the pop wallahs to the psychiatrist's couch. ...

Nico and The Marble Index: A Conversation with Danny Fields

Interview by David Dalton, Gadfly, 2002

WHEN THE MARBLE Index appeared in 1969 it seemed unplaceable, flying out of some timeless place, as if we were hearing from a possessed medieval ...

Chelsea Mädchen: The Funny Side of Nico

Review by Larry Jaffee, Rock's Backpages, November 2011

NICO NEVER STRUCK me as funny. Some of her more morose material, such as her even more gothic take on the Doors' 'The End', or the ...

Nico Icon: Directed by Susanne Ofteringer

Film/DVD/TV Review by Archie Patterson, Rock's Backpages, December 2012

NICO DIED ALMOST 25 years ago yet the impact of her music lives on. Her work has influenced countless other people's music. The film Nico ...

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