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Nymphs, The

Nymphs, The


Nymphs: The Asylum Siren

Report and Interview by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, February 1992

When singer Inger Lorre first heard Patti Smith, she knew she had to become a rock'n'roll star. When she heard the Velvet's 'Heroin'. She got ...

The Nymphs: Nymphomania!

Interview by James Brown, New Musical Express, March 1992

Destined to rock the bones of the hard rock circuit, THE NYMPHS have already made a name for themselves in America by pissing on desks ...

The Nymphs: Here’s To… Me!

Interview by Mat Snow, Q, July 1992

Self-promotion can be such a draining business: what with weeing on record company executives' desks, administering on-stage blow jobs and showing up hours late for ...

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