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Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters


Scissor Sisters

Profile by Carol Cooper, Village Voice, The, June 2003

NO ONE-SENTENCE summation (no matter how correct or clever) really does justice to the Scissor Sisters. As a girdle-tight, piss-elegant rock unit unafraid to play ...

Fun with Filth: Scissor Sisters

Report and Interview by Paul Lester, Guardian, The, January 2004

They come from New York's shock art scene and they write songs about drugs, drag queens and cruising. Paul Lester meets clubland's hottest new act, ...

The Scissor Sisters: Trafalgar Square, London

Live Review by Nick Hasted, Independent, The, September 2006

THE FACT THAT New York's Scissor Sisters can fill Trafalgar Square and still, relatively speaking, not get arrested back home should be a matter of ...

Siouxsie to Ana Matronic: 'I Get The Voodoo Thing. My Dad Milked Snakes'

Interview by Caroline Sullivan, Guardian, The, September 2007

Scissor Sister Ana Matronic idolises Siouxsie – so we brought the two together to discuss punks, parents and the male ego. By Caroline Sullivan ...

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