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Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens


Sufjan Stevens

Comment by Devon Powers, PopMatters, February 2004

POSTMODERNISM HAS jacked it all up. In its wake, the cultural zeitgeist of irony has become so prevalent and requisite that plain old earnestness ceases ...

The 50 States of Rock: Sufjan Stevens

Interview by Ben Thompson, Daily Telegraph, June 2004

THERE HAVE BEEN MANY extra-curricular activities traditionally associated with the life of the travelling rock'n'roller. Teaching knitting to the blind is not one of them. ...

Sufjan Stevens: Illinois

Review by Andy Gill, Uncut, 2005

IN AN AGE when the commercial imperative has reduced the notion of ideal musical production to one of recycling old techno riffs, slapping a treated ...

Sufjan Stevens's symphony for New York

Report and Interview by Andrew Purcell, Guardian, The, October 2009

THE BROOKLYN-QUEENS EXPRESSWAY is a miserable stretch of road. The BQE, as New Yorkers call it, has narrow lanes, no hard shoulder, countless potholes, and ...

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