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Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun is Maryland’s largest general-circulation daily newspaper and provides coverage of local and regional news.

Sounds Of The Seventies: Characters Find Oldies Shop

Interview by Mike Jahn, Baltimore Sun, June 1971

GO INTO YOUR average record store — the one with the Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Tom Jones covers all over the walls — and ...

Bo Diddley: Sounds of the Seventies: A Bo Diddley Revival

Profile and Interview by Mike Jahn, Baltimore Sun, November 1971

LAST SUMMER at a Creedence Clearwater Revival concert there was an unannounced special, a warm-up band. Its leader was a middle-aged black man carrying a ...

Merry Clayton: The Spotlight's on Merry

Profile and Interview by Mike Jahn, Baltimore Sun, March 1972

MICK JAGGER, the satin-pants Satan, is o-o-o-ing ominously through 'Gimme Shelter'. He is doing all right, rocking the boat but not overturning it. But behind ...

Dr. John: Voodoo to Rock Roots

Profile and Interview by Mike Jahn, Baltimore Sun, May 1972

DR. JOHN inspires weirdness in those around him. Witness the press bio released by Atlantic Records: " a door into SHOOW HEEEH's lamblam another consciousness ...

David Bowie: Carnegie Hall, New York NY

Live Review by Mike Jahn, Baltimore Sun, October 1972

One more freak show ...

Bruce Springsteen: Tougher Than Most: Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love tour

Review by Geoffrey Himes, Baltimore Sun, March 1988

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN'S 'Tougher Than the Rest' is a sombre, unforgiving song typical of his recent Tunnel of Love album. It describes love not as an ...

Sublime: Second-hand Smoke

Review by J.D. Considine, Baltimore Sun, January 1998

Sublime's Second-hand shows the promise that went up in smoke ...

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