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Scotsman, The

Scotsman, The

The Scotsman is a Scottish daily newspaper published from Edinburgh.

Massive Attack Take A Stand

Interview by Stephen Dalton, Scotsman, The, February 2003

3D talks to Stephen Dalton about war, melancholia and the duo's new 100th Window. ...

Texas: Sharleen Spiteri

Profile and Interview by Ian Watson, Scotsman, The, September 2003

SHARLEEN SPITERI is talking about Pop Idol. It's a subject that's been on her mind a lot recently and, judging by the look on her ...

Manic Street Preachers: Just Another Manic Day

Interview by Ian Watson, Scotsman, The, October 2004

WHEN Nicky Wire was at school, as soon as someone he hated got into his favourite band he went off them. ...

Goldfrapp: Tales Of The Supernatural

Interview by Ian Watson, Scotsman, The, August 2005

ABOUT A year and a half ago, Alison Goldfrapp finally snapped. ...

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