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Cultural studies and theory

T. Rex: Letter from Britain: Life's a Gas, I Hope It's Gonna Last — Notes On T. Rex

Essay by Simon Frith, Creem, July 1972

ZONK. THIS column is going to be about how things look in and from England. More to the point it's going to be about how ...

Adam & The Ants, Grace Jones, Spandau Ballet: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall... What Aspect Of 1981 Does It Pain You Most To Recall?

Essay by Ian Penman, New Musical Express, December 1981

Overdressed twits taking Polaroids of one another in posey little clubs? Or the stern soapbox caterwauling of commentators who got themselves into a blue funk about everyone else's ...

Pop Journalism: Write of Wrong?

Overview by Frank Owen, Melody Maker, May 1986

Is it pop we're disillusioned with, or pop journalism? Is Paul Morley the curse or the saviour of the scribbling classes? Frank Owen takes a ...

Hip Hop: Nasty Boys

Essay by Simon Reynolds, Melody Maker, July 1986

Simon Reynolds ventures down hip hop's mean streets and finds something nasty lurking in the shadows — something that guilt-ridden white liberals might prefer to ...

Yo! Bum Rush Foucault!

Special Feature by Simon Reynolds, David Stubbs, Melody Maker, June 1987

B-BOYS, Yo-Boys, listen up good, cos a new sound's rappin' up the neighbourhood! Yo, it's the Maker's very own rappin' post-structuralist, the chin-scratchin' semiotician about to ...

Hail, Hail Rock'n'Roll

Essay by Nick Tosches, Spin, August 1990

NOW THAT the 1980s, whatever the fuck they were, are, like the great Liberace himself, dead and gone, can't we get this whole dumb business ...

From Mod to Emo: Why Pop Tribes Are Still Making a Scene

Overview by Jude Rogers, Guardian, The, February 2010

Like-minded music fans have been herding together for half a century — but are die-hard pop tribes now a thing of the past? Do today's ...

Pop and its Past

Essay by Steve Redhead, Rock's Backpages, September 2011

POP HISTORY seemed, for some commentators at least, to have stopped sometime in the late 1980s. This was the 'postmodern' moment for many critics and ...

Peace: Tiny, Smug and Blissfully Ignorant Minds: New British Indie and Peace's In Love (Columbia)

Special Feature by Neil Kulkarni,, April 2013

"I. Man's perceptions are not bound by organs of perception; he perceives more than sense (tho' ever so acute) can discover." — William Blake, ...

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