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Bethan Cole

Bethan Cole

Bethan Cole, b.1971, has written about music, fashion, beauty and the arts for the NME, The Big Issue, i-D, Vogue and The Sunday Times.

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Daft Punk: What's Up? Daft Punk

Profile and Interview by Bethan Cole, i-D, December 1995

TWO THINGS you should know about Daft Punk. Firstly, they're not in the slightest bit stupid. Secondly, ostensibly, they've got nothing to do with 1977. ...

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Eternal Ingénue: Charlotte Gainsbourg on Her Latest Stylish Role

Interview by Bethan Cole, Independent, The, July 2011

The daughter of Anglo-French musical royalty, Charlotte Gainsbourg was destined to be a performer — and now she's in the hottest arthouse film of the ...

Tuff Jam: Jam On It

Interview by Bethan Cole, Muzik, November 1997

Things are on the up for Tuff Jam. They've got a peak time radio show, records in the charts and followers all over clubland. They ...

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Dance Culture: One Nation Under A Groove

Essay by Bethan Cole, Muzik, March 1998

Ten years ago, a few hundred people were raving all night to the sounds of acid house. A year later there were a few thousand ...

Speed Garage: Sound Of The Future

Report and Interview by Bethan Cole, Muzik, September 1997

It's harden faster, sharper and more bass-heavy than ever before, it has MCs, rewinds, ragga vocals and time-stretching. Its energy and hedonism is hard to ...

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