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Edward Helmore

Edward Helmore

New York-based contributor to THE GUARDIAN and THE OBSERVER, as well as to MOJO, DETAILS, INTERVIEW, and VANITY FAIR, Helmore is one of the best and most prolific writers on pop culture and the media business.

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Babyshambles, Pete Doherty, The Libertines: Kate Moss' Prince Alarming: Pete Doherty

Profile and Interview by Edward Helmore, Vanity Fair, July 2005

IT'S 9 PM AT the Boogaloo in north London and Gerry O'Boyle, the proprietor of this dingy pub, says Kate and Pete are on their ...

Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne: Ozzfest ‘97

Report and Interview by Edward Helmore, unpublished, 1997

THE UNEARTHLY NOISE that barrels over the pines and down Alpine Valley in rural Wisconsin last summer was a clear signal that the natural order ...

Blondie, Debbie Harry: 10 Questions for Debbie Harry

Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, November 2002

WHEN YOU FIRST came to New York in the late '60s you worked as a waitress at Max's Kansas City. An eye opener? ...

Broken Social Scene: An Ever-Changing Canadian Collective of Rock'n'Roll Royalty

Retrospective and Interview by Edward Helmore, Independent, The, May 2010

IT'S CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT and Kevin Drew, co-founder of Broken Social Scene, is sleeping on the floor of a New York recording studio, headphones clamped ...

Brian Eno, David Byrne: The Business is an Exciting Mess: Brian Eno and David Byrne

Interview by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, March 2009

DAVID BYRNE IS sitting outside the ladies parlour, upstairs at the Tampa theatre, one of the most spectacular 1920s movie palaces in the US, in ...

Joe Cocker: Half-Cocker Power

Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, October 1994

"MUSHING, UH, I MEAN MOSHING," says Joe Cocker when asked to explain the difference between Woodstocks '69 and '94, after playing a standout festival opener. ...

Dimebag Darrell, Pantera: Just a Good Ol' Boy: Dimebag Darrell

Obituary by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, December 2004

Former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell was murdered on stage by a lone gunman last week. Edward Helmore celebrates the life of the influential and charismatic ...

Bob Dylan: Sally Grossman: The Lady In Red

Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, February 2005

Sally Grossman adorned the Bringing It All Back Home sleeve, then cooked breakfast for the entire population of Woodstock. Edward Helmore hears her story. ...

Eminem: Marshall Mathers, Movie Star: Eminem in 8 Mile

Report by Edward Helmore, Observer, The, November 2002

THREE YEARS AGO he was the foul-mouthed scourge of parents everywhere. A sulky, misogynistic, homophobic, mother-hating all-round bad influence. A white-trash Negro. A true punk ...

Jewel, Sarah McLachlan: Lady’s Day: Lilith Fair

Report and Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, April 1998

AT RISK OF PROVOKING EITHER THE TRADITIONAL yawn or a punch in the face whenever it is suggested that this is the year of women ...

Stephen Malkmus: The BACKPAGES interview: Stephen Malkmus

Interview by Edward Helmore, Rock's Backpages, January 2001

After a decade working the streets with Pavement, lo-fi pin-up king Stephen Malkmus has cut himself free from the band to wander free. ...

Lou Reed, Metallica: "It has so much rage": Metallica And Lou Reed Talk About Their New Album

Interview by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, October 2011

It's a collaboration that has prompted much head-scratching, but Lou Reed and Metallica tell Edward Helmore that teaming up to make their new album was a ...

Ministry: Filth Pig

Review by Edward Helmore, MOJO, 1995

FROM AN ABANDONED whorehouse 50 miles outside of Austin, Texas, comes Filth Pig, the latest sonic roadkill of heavy-riffing industrial grooves and big beats from ...

Nas: Why The Grammys Have Ditched Rap

Comment by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, December 2006

RAP MUSIC, and the commotion, fur and bling that often accompanies its biggest stars, will be noticeably absent from the Grammy awards in Los Angeles ...

Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor: Trent Reznor

Profile and Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, November 1994

"IF YOU'RE NOT ready for it, it's terrible, it's noise. It's the most uncommercial record that's ever been in the Top 50," says Trent Renzor ...

Oasis live: Jones Beach, NY

Live Review by Edward Helmore,, September 1996

Fresh from their MTV award performance, during which singer Liam Gallagher spat, swore and threw beer at the audience, Oasis came to this seaside stage ...

Pearl Jam: Downing Stadium, Randalls Island, New York

Live Review by Edward Helmore, MOJO, November 1996

With last year’s histrionic battles with Ticket-master, Eddie Vedder’s exhaustion and the loss of a drummer now all behind them, Pearl Jam embarked on a ...

Iggy Pop: Message From Under The Rock

Interview by Edward Helmore, Interview, September 1999

IGGY POP could have become a sacred rock dinosaur, giving benedictions and receiving ring-kisses on the nostalgia circuit. Instead, he's still rattling the cage and ...

Iggy Pop, The Stooges: The Stooges Deliver A Real Cool Time

Live Review by Edward Helmore, Independent, The, August 2003

The Stooges, Jones Beach Theatre, New York ...

Lana Del Rey: Rhinestone Maiden

Interview by Edward Helmore, Vanity Fair, December 2012

IT'S BEEN A year and a half since the singer Lana Del Rey hatched fully formed from the pop incubator, like a "gangsta Nancy Sinatra," ...

Pete Seeger, Bruce Springsteen: Bruce Blew My Cover: Pete Seeger

Report and Interview by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, February 2007

ON THE FIRST Friday of the month, in fine weather and sometimes foul, you will find Pete Seeger, the folk-singing legend and pioneering environmentalist, in ...

Patti Smith: On Mapplethorpe and more: Patti Smith

Profile and Interview by Edward Helmore, Vogue, March 2010

WITH THE POSSIBLE EXCEPTION of her hero Bob Dylan, no one has perfected the look of the downtown bohemian poet as comprehensively as Patti Smith. ...

Chris Whitley: Bloody Valentines

Interview by Edward Helmore, MOJO, April 1995

After the spooked country blues of his debut, Chris Whitley returns with an album of "psychosexual" songs about breaking up with his wife. ...

Neil Young's Last Harvest

Interview by Edward Helmore, Independent, The, September 2005

"WELCOME TO Fortress Blair," says Neil Young, offering his hand. ...

List of genre pieces

The Original Trustafarian: Chris Blackwell

Profile and Interview by Edward Helmore, Sunday Telegraph, May 2012

IT'S CLOSE TO MIDNIGHT, a sickle moon hangs low over the Caribbean Sea in the direction of Cuba, and Grace Jones is making her way ...

Slaves to the Rhythm: Is Napster Dying?

Report by Edward Helmore, Guardian, The, July 2001

After leading the digital music revolution, Edward Helmore says former fans won't flock back to Napster when it relaunches this summer ...

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