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James Johnson

James Johnson

James Johnson (top left with David Bowie in 1976) wrote for the NME between 1970 and 1974. He then worked as the Evening Standard's music writer for six years and later contributed to other newspapers including the Daily Mirror and Daily Express. He now enjoys peace and quiet in the English countryside where he is converting and living in an 18th century former ginger beer factory.

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America, Judee Sill: Royal Festival Hall, London

Live Review by James Johnson, NME, March 1972

America — simply so successful ...

The Archies, Carole King, The Monkees: Don Kirshner: I Discovered Carole King

Interview by James Johnson, NME, February 1972

THEY MOST often call Don Kirshner the King of Bubble-gum. But he's not worrying. Sitting high in his suite at the Dorchester he has the ...

David Bowie: The Space Oddity Comes Down To Earth

Interview by James Johnson, NME, August 1971

AT ONE TIME singer/songwriter David Bowie used to write songs because, "I truly believed we songwriters were going to change the face of the world." ...

Kate Bush: Bringing It Back Home

Interview by James Johnson, Evening Standard, The, September 1978

THE feverish quality of the pop world barely intrudes into the calm atmosphere of the large comfortable family house on the edge of the Kent ...

Kate Bush: The Things Kate Doesn't Tell Mother

Interview by James Johnson, Evening Standard, The, September 1980

KATE BUSH would be less than human if she did not sometimes marvel at the attention she has received over the last three years. ...

Can Can... And They Will

Interview by James Johnson, NME, February 1972

OF ALL the heavy German bands Can are perhaps the most interesting and could prove the most influential. Next month they tour Britain and, judging ...

Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, Elvis Presley: Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup: No Payment For My Elvis Songs Says Crudup

Interview by James Johnson, NME, February 1971

SIXTY-FIVE year old blues-man Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, whose songs 'That's Alright Mama' and 'My Baby Left Me' were hits for Elvis Presley back in ...

Dory Previn: Madness, Fear and the Demons Inside

Interview by James Johnson, NME, May 1973

AT THE END of the Dory Previn concert at Carnegie Hall, a couple of New Yorkers are standing near the exit, one whispering to the ...

Emerson Lake And Palmer: Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That...

Report and Interview by James Johnson, NME, April 1974

… requires 40 tons of equipment, 18 humper/loaders, seven personal roadies, six sound crew, five trucker/drivers, four spot manipulators, three heavy musicians two outside coordinators and (we guess) a man to make the ...

Gladys Knight & The Pips: A Day With Miss Knight

Interview by James Johnson, NME, June 1973

IF GLADYS Knight took time off to reminisce there's no doubt she could come up with a few interesting tales about the record business. Simply ...

Tim Hardin (1972)

Interview by James Johnson, Rock's Backpages Audio, Spring 1972

The vibrato in his body, the band in his head and the drugs in his veins: the legendary singer-songwriter in revealing, if somewhat dazed conversation.

File format: mp3; file size: 29mb, interview length: 31' 37" sound quality: ****

Hawkwind: The Truth About Hawkwind

Interview by James Johnson, NME, February 1972

LIKE THEM or not, you must admit that Hawkwind are honest. Guitarist Dave Brock is not loath to admit that most of the band's musicians ...

MC5: The MC5 on Shock Rock

Interview by James Johnson, NME, February 1972

OF ALL THE groups who have dabbled in politics over the last few years, the MC5 seem to have gained the reputation as one of ...

Tom Robinson Band: Tom Robinson: Rock Voice Of '78?

Profile and Interview by James Johnson, Evening News, December 1977

MUSIC WITH a hard-core political bias could soon become a regular feature of the Top ten if a singer called Tom Robinson continues his sudden ...

Judee Sill

Interview by James Johnson, NME, April 1972

ACCORDING to Judee Sill: "Out of the mud grows a lotus". In other words something beautiful comes from something unpleasant. The phrase applies well to ...

Cat Stevens And A Revolution In Athens

Interview by James Johnson, Melody Maker, June 1973

THE shining white block of the King George Hotel stands imposingly on Constitution Square, Athens. It's dauntingly grand in the true sense of the word: ...

Ray Stevens: 'Bridget The Midget' Man Says Religious Lyrics Will Be Next Big Thing

Interview by James Johnson, NME, March 1971

People are getting sick to death of the 'put-the-world-to-rights songs' ...

Wishbone Ash: Colston Hall, Bristol

Live Review by James Johnson, Sounds, June 1971

THERE IS NO doubt about it, over the last six months Wishbone Ash have developed into one of the finest loud, fast, rock bands currently ...

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