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R.J. Smith

R.J. Smith

R.J. Smith has written for Spin, Details, the Village Voice and Los Angeles magazine. He is the author of the James Brown biography The One and a history of LA's Central Avenue scene The Great Black Way.

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Atari Teenage Riot: What's the Frequency, Alec?

Interview by R.J. Smith, Spin, March 1998

The revolution is nigh, heralds radical German dude/Atari Teenage Rioter Alec Empire. RJ Smith learns it will all be in the mid-range. ...

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, Eazy-E: Ruthless Records: It Ain't Eazy

Report and Interview by R.J. Smith, Vibe, June 1998

What would you do if you inherited an infamous rap label with a catalogue of old hits and a fading reputation? Sell it for a ...

Gang of Four = Hard Men in Good Cars

Profile and Interview by R.J. Smith, Creem, March 1984

"All we have in common is the illusion of being together. And the only resistance to the illusions of the permitted painkillers come from the ...

Eddy Grant Does It California Style

Interview by R.J. Smith, Creem, January 1984

I JUST GOT my current issue of Processed World ("The magazine with the bad attitude"), and it's a winner. Written by and for the shitheels ...

Korn: Harvest of Sorrow: Korn: Follow The Leader (Immortal/Epic)

Review by R.J. Smith, Spin, October 1998

For millions of kids, Korn's house of pain feels like a home away from home. ...

Letch Patrol, Missing Foundation: Message in a Bottle: Homesteaders Rock the Lower East Side — The Tompkins Square Riots

Retrospective by R.J. Smith, Village Voice, The, October 2005

August 23, 1988 ...

Aimee Mann: Catcher In The Wry

Interview by R.J. Smith, Spin, May 2000

She scored with the heartbreaking Magnolia soundtrack, but Aimee Mann isn't gloating just yet ...

The Minutemen: Buzz Or Howl Under The Influence Of Heat (SST)

Review by R.J. Smith, Creem, April 1984

CIVIL DEFENSE QUIZ: ARE YOU PREPARED?What should you do in case of a sudden dropping of a nuclear weapon on your neighborhood? A) Grab ...

Ol' Dirty Bastard: Nigga Please (Elektra)

Review by R.J. Smith, Spin, November 1999

THE TRUE opener of this dazzling, daffy album gets buried near the end. Nigga Please should have begun with his mocking yet eerily touching cover ...

Ol' Dirty Bastard: Law And Disorder

Report by R.J. Smith, Spin, December 1999


Paul Simon: Still Mbaqanga After All These Years

Interview by R.J. Smith, Spin, January 1987

For 20 years, Paul Simon whined and kvetched about the same things. Then he went to Africa and finally had fun. But he broke the ...

Pavement: The Long and Winding Road: Pavement: Terror Twilight (Matador)

Review by R.J. Smith, Spin, June 1999

Pavement turn down the noise and open up their hearts, sort of.  ...

Pearl Jam: Yield (Epic)

Review by R.J. Smith, Spin, March 1998

ANGELS are God's designated hitters. They're represented in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, among many other religions; they pretty much show up any place people put ...

Rage Against the Machine: The New Machine Age: Rage Against The Machine: The Battle of Los Angeles (Epic)

Review by R.J. Smith, Spin, December 1999

Kicking and screaming, Rage Against The Machine drag their contradictions into the light. By RJ Smith. ...

Rancid: What's In A Mohawk?

Report and Interview by R.J. Smith, New York Times, The, January 1996

EVEN FOR A break-all-the-rules punk rock band, some rules still apply. It's 10 minutes to stage, and the members of Rancid are sitting in their ...

Tupac Shakur: All Eyes On Him

Obituary by R.J. Smith, Spin, December 1996

Tupac Shakur was more then just another million-selling gangsta rapper. He polarized the races like few pop stars, in death as in life. ...

Elliott Smith: He's Mr Dyingly Sad, And You're Mystifyingly Glad

Profile and Interview by R.J. Smith, Spin, January 1999

ELLIOTT SMITH recovers nicely. Just one hour ago he was sitting in a tiny backstage room, enjoying a postshow libation and breathing in a blue ...

Elliott Smith: You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

Retrospective and Interview by R.J. Smith, Spin, February 2004

WHEN ELLIOTT SMITH played Los Angeles in the fall of 2002, after more than a year of semi-seclusion, he didn't look so good. His hands ...

Stevie Wonder: In Square Circle (Motown)

Review by R.J. Smith, Spin, December 1985

THESE THINGS never do fall from the sky, like factor emissions and bird shirt. But if they did (If your mother had skates she'd be ...

Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band: Charles Wright Expresses Himself

Interview by R.J. Smith, Grand Royal, 1995

YOU COULD see the 8x11 flyers when you got off the freeway north of downtown, or drove down Melrose, or about 100 other locations. Block ...

Wu-Tang Clan: Phantoms of the Hip-hopera

Report and Interview by R.J. Smith, Spin, July 1997

After four years of frenzied
 solo excursions, the members of Wu-Tang Clan reconvene as a group amid the usual circumstances — mystery, panic, tragedy — ...

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Rocking Cincinnati's R&B Cradle

Retrospective and Interview by R.J. Smith, New York Times, The, January 2009

A CROWD GATHERS around crumbling walls that are a small evolutionary step up from a miserable pile of bricks. The facade leaks water, and masonry ...

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